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  1. Don’t Re-sign the Sedin Twins

    This Fan Base is Scared of the Future and punishes anyone for voicing their opinion of it, we all have to agree this team is on the downslide, not to say we can't be contenders still.. but when it comes to trading for our future...it's a huge I agree you can not replace 150 per season, but what has that 150 points done for us? Smyl, Linden, naslund and bure all were fan favorites and point producers ... what is hanging from our rafters beyond there #'s and a few conference championships Linden got us Bert and McCabe Bure - Jovo and a few parts and a 1st rounder (sadly we wasted the pick on Nathan Smith) Nassy - we let walk and go nothing for him and well We waited to long for any form of a return for luongo.. look how that played out.. And Do we want to end up like calgary, and the iginla situation?? this seasons trade deadline the sedins will be in HIGH DEMAND and will fetch us an amazing return + draft picks (the hard part is their NTC's, they'll want to go as a package, and not many teams have the 12.2 million in cap space to get them. So chances are they are not going anywhere! And lets hope we have that 1 season we have all been waiting for !!! and this topic becomes a moot point
  2. Next Gen Console News - XBOX 720, PS4

    Still really not enough to Go on,These comparisons are not really fair.. (E3 will be the biggest deciding factor for me) But at this point I am leaning towards Xbox One. It has a lot of features I believe i would use on the daily. and large developers seem to be backing their architecture, with exclusives.. And that NFL experience will come in very handy for me on Sundays (as long as Shaw cable is supported) on the other hand, PS4's game take over feature when you get stuck would come in handy (but also a cheap way out) If I personally wanted a gaming only box... I would get another PC, where i could update it every year not just every 5-10 years what ever team you are on Team Xbox one or Team PS4, this year and next will be very interesting for console gamers
  3. [Official] Canucks coach talk. Keep all talk here.

    I couldnt agree more... The last thing this team needs, is More of the Same..
  4. [Official] Canucks coach talk. Keep all talk here.

    fits this mold Ben Kuzma ‏@benkuzma3m Burrows on a new #Canucks coach: "A guy who has been around and knows the league and the conference and can prepare us the right way."
  5. [Official] Canucks coach talk. Keep all talk here.

    I like the train of thought... but i would think we would be more like a full time faceoff coach.. (look how horrible our face off percentage was in the past 2 playoffs)
  6. [Official] Canucks coach talk. Keep all talk here.

    Whom ever the canucks hire, he better have a proven record with developing YOUNG players. And bring a whole new level of compete to this tired Core.. (A seahawks coach pete Carroll Type) But Has Never been involved with the Canucks organization (NEW BLOOD and attitude) the assistants - one of them should be a former Good Player, who has followed and analyzed the team for the past 5-10 years (a Gary Valk, John garrett type <---- NOT SAYING either of those guys.. just their involvement and passion for this team) and is familiar with the Talent we have and what we are lacking. Needs a Big Voice. other assistant - should be a larry robionson type (stats tracker, on the fly change up type coach)
  7. Name That Goalie!

    Martin Gerber?
  8. I sure as hell did not change that title..

    some locked it and changed my comments and title...

    man sure cant talk negative about Sundin in here