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  1. Maybe it's not JB's fault or TL's (or maybe it's their fault because they accepted their jobs?). As long as the owners wanted to make the playoffs because they wanted to rake in some dough, the team will never have any chance to properly rebuild.
  2. If you can't beat them, join them. All the obnoxious characters like bolland are gone anyway, you might still hate Keith, and dislike 20cents but watching Johnny pulling Rockey IVs on regular basis is enough for me to switch. As for the jersey, just imagine it's the canadian red with maple leaf, I mean comon half of team Canada plus the real capn canada (yes f you sidney) plays for the hawks anyway
  3. The amount of OTs that they played and the beating they endured throughout the whole thing is just mind numbing yet they just kept on coming back and winning. If I were John Cooper I'd be crying out in despair Drago's line "He's not human, he is a piece of iron". If that's not heart I don't know what is. Management must have done something right, but I think it's the culture, because they have a captain that just refuses to lose, it trickle down to the likes of even 20 cents.
  4. Lol...grapes are sour...or are they?? Time to take off that rosy colored glass and see things for what they are. You hate the hawks/kings cus deep down you know canucks lack something that the hawks/kings have, the heart and the desire to win. Heck, I found it shocking that even 20cents seems to show heart. Capn serious must have done some serious job on that guy.
  5. I don't know how much I should read into TL's "high tempo" comment. Defence wins championships. With tha in mind trots, sounds goood. Larry not a bad choice either. Carlye would be a good candidate for high tempo game but 1. you need players do play that game 2. leaves have to can him first.
  6. I'd laugh if JT isn't canned tomorrow. TL waiting on Todd to get canned first?
  7. "It's not cherry picking if its more relevant to right now." sorry you lost me there. Let's agree to disagree, cus this is a waste of time.
  8. Sure, let's just cherry pick their best years and call them a point a game player. I didn't know that's how I am suppose to look at players stats.
  9. Hank: 99 GP, 74 points Dank: 96 GP, 67 points. 74/99>=1? 67/99>=1? LOL
  10. Never liked bieska either, don't know if that count as riding the Ds hard.
  11. yeah, art ross is regular season scoring title, if they got back to back conn smythe that's another story. and don't forget how they love to feast on the coilers and lames...
  12. The problem is Linden played with the sisters...Heck I don't know if TL's got the balls to ok a trade if the GM wants to pull the trigger.
  13. I hear Larry Robinson's great with young players. If they going for rebuild maybe he's a good choice?
  14. AV was the fall guy for Gillis, Gillis is becoming the fall guy for aquaweenies fire gillis, get a rubber stamp, keep on jacking up tic prices! We are all canucks, we are all suckers!
  15. awww where is dragonfruit?? why isnt he/she here defending the team right now?! as long as aquaweenies are owner, this team will suck. Dont think anyone can change that, not even Scotty Bowman. Dont think anyone with any shreds of integrity would wanna work for a bunch of slum lords anyway. Go Toews! Go Hawks!