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  1. Who can come in and cleanup this franchise?

    Maybe it's not JB's fault or TL's (or maybe it's their fault because they accepted their jobs?). As long as the owners wanted to make the playoffs because they wanted to rake in some dough, the team will never have any chance to properly rebuild.
  2. [Report] Torts Fired

    I don't know how much I should read into TL's "high tempo" comment. Defence wins championships. With tha in mind trots, sounds goood. Larry not a bad choice either. Carlye would be a good candidate for high tempo game but 1. you need players do play that game 2. leaves have to can him first.
  3. [Report] Torts Fired

    I'd laugh if JT isn't canned tomorrow. TL waiting on Todd to get canned first?
  4. [Report] Torts Fired

    "It's not cherry picking if its more relevant to right now." sorry you lost me there. Let's agree to disagree, cus this is a waste of time.
  5. [Report] Torts Fired

    Sure, let's just cherry pick their best years and call them a point a game player. I didn't know that's how I am suppose to look at players stats.
  6. [Report] Torts Fired

    Hank: 99 GP, 74 points Dank: 96 GP, 67 points. 74/99>=1? 67/99>=1? LOL
  7. [Report] Torts Fired

    Never liked bieska either, don't know if that count as riding the Ds hard.
  8. [Report] Torts Fired

    yeah, art ross is regular season scoring title, if they got back to back conn smythe that's another story. and don't forget how they love to feast on the coilers and lames...
  9. [Report] Torts Fired

    The problem is Linden played with the sisters...Heck I don't know if TL's got the balls to ok a trade if the GM wants to pull the trigger.
  10. [Report] Torts Fired

    I hear Larry Robinson's great with young players. If they going for rebuild maybe he's a good choice?
  11. (Speculation) Change coming today?

    AV was the fall guy for Gillis, Gillis is becoming the fall guy for aquaweenies fire gillis, get a rubber stamp, keep on jacking up tic prices! We are all canucks, we are all suckers!
  12. awww where is dragonfruit?? why isnt he/she here defending the team right now?! as long as aquaweenies are owner, this team will suck. Dont think anyone can change that, not even Scotty Bowman. Dont think anyone with any shreds of integrity would wanna work for a bunch of slum lords anyway. Go Toews! Go Hawks!
  13. [PGT] Meltdown/Collapse

    I don't know if they are in a full rebuilt or trying to make playoffs, cus what they are doing is suicide. To rebuild, you trade away your assets at their highest point ie at trade deadline, get draft picks, let youngsters play and tank to get more draft picks. Then you draft and build from what you drafted. Or you keep your assets including Lu, get rental(s) to address urgent needs ie socring, and try to make playoffs. What ended up getting done was a mixture of the worst case from both scenarios. Traded Lu for nothing (no draft picks), now goal is facked. Didn't trade anyone else, meaning dimished value for the vets come summer now everyone knows the canucks are facked and is trying to off load and less chance for youngsters to play cus vets still hogging the lineup. And most importantly, the team now has one more problem: goal tending, aside from the previous one: scoring. It doesn't take rocket science to figure out, really, and in short, Canucks are really facked.
  14. [PGT] Meltdown/Collapse

    LOL......ok I am gonna pretend canucks never had that jennings winning duo. Tiny Timmy Chick fil a Thomas ftw!
  15. [PGT] Meltdown/Collapse

    Dear dragonfruit: You ask why they come back? To rub it in your face of course, like I am doing right now.