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  1. Out at The Jake - SEP.29.08

    hey curtis thanks for bloggin you rock!!
  2. hahaha no problemo =) wow i can't believe how nice this is going haha kinda like the bieksa and burr interview hehe :P

  3. haha yes work was awsome, and i LVOED ur pressent

    and yes i was on the phone with susan LOL


  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! haha work was awesome eh? hopefully u liked my present...I know your on the phone with Susan right now hehe :P

  5. Hard to Say Goodbye - APR.10.08

    i dont have much to say, this season was hard to take in with all the injuries and just missing the playoffs like you said, but i am really looking forward to next year, pretty sure it will be better, you did a great job this season, burrows and you played very well toghther and isbister fit in too , cant wait till next year, and i really hope linden will come back for one more year so we can end it propperly not in a 7-1 game , good luck next year
  6. pfft i call u a dokey and u call me a monkey theres no respect left in this world =(

  7. hahah, he knows a lot, i tell him stuff, :P, but anyway i am coming home, see u there

  8. ooohh so he already knows about me eh?? what else does he know :P

  9. haha, it wont get scatched, and you can prank call him if you want, he wont care, and he will know its you :P