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  1. What is it with Russians?? What a spoiled brat.
  2. Dint forget Warhippy we just got that 24hr clock too..didn't you see it get installed by Jeffers there on Naniamo?
  3. It's not unusual that players keep in touch with their billed families...Stetcher was here for a few years...
  4. Why would I make up that story? I'm in Penticton. I don't listen to team 1040 as we don't get it here...and I don't read these boards on a daily basis..is it really impossible that people know people who happen to be trying out for NHL teams? The Penticton hockey community is close knit. If you ever go to a Vees game ..everyone knows every one..it's not like Vancouver where you MIGHT see someone you know. You can go to a Vees game alone (which I do often) and see 10 people you know..all of them season ticket holders and all of them very in tune and aware of what our past player's are doing....I learned abut a tragic story of one of our past captains last night too.. So there is no reason for me to make up a story...you city guys have lived in the city too long
  5. I'm from Penticton where Stetcher played his Jr...I was talking to someone who know's Stetchers former bilet family. According to this person. Willie D skated up to Stecher during practice and told him that he wasn't supposed to make it this far. They fully expected him to be in the minors and Stecher is making really hard for the Canucks to send him to the minors. Stecher has a very real chance to make the team!
  6. Nobody ha's once mentioned Troy Stecher. .which is intersting because he was the best player for the Canucks at young stars...and Benning even said that he will play games this year. Stechy may take someone's job this year...or he will be the first call up after an injury. Stechy will surprise everyone...he's like a Ben Hutton player
  7. Canucks should trade their pick down to Phoenix, and draft both Jost and Fabbro. Jost is the hidden gem in this draft. Watched him in Penticton last year...OMG. Hes the best Penticton Vee I have seen ...I saw Karyia AND Duncan Keith come through Penticton. Jost is the guy that Benning should go after .... Fabbro is awesome too! Btw, dont under estimate Troy Stecher (another former Vee) That guy is a excellent skater, great leader, he always came out of the corner with the puck (same as Jost!) monster D.. I think he can make this team in the next couple of years too
  8. Yes they do. They are either on Sportsnet or SportsnetOne...The Canucks games have been on SportsnetOne lately cuz of baseball :D
  9. This is a horrible arguement, there are a lot of super stars and hall of famers that never win the cup. Winning the cup is a team game, it comes with great skill, great chemistry in the dressing room, everyone healthy at the right time, and lots of luck. I hate that "no cups" arguement. People who say that, have no clue what they are talking about
  10. Id rather Edler over Weber
  11. Good I think the Canucks play better when they have something to prove. Less pressure. We were supposed to miss the playoffs last year too lol
  12. Sutter is not a second line centreman. He never will be. Hes a mucker, and a great checker. Horvat is better suited for the second line. So I dont think Sutter "Lost" his spot to Horvat.
  13. Gretzky never got hit because he had Semenko and Buchburger (or whatever his name was) protecting him. And everyone in the NHL knew if you touched Gretzky you were going to hear about it. Keith doesnt get hit because he is quick. :D
  14. I've met many NHLERS. I live in the Okanagan but by far my favourite encounter was getting caddy Greg Adams two straight years in the Andy Moog Golf tourney. Greg is by far one of the nicest hockey players I've ever met. I won a contest...the first year. The second year he invited me back.
  15. Its a great way to see how they match up to real talent. There are a lot of good hockey players in their Jr leagues but a lot of them will never see pro hockey. Now you are playing with other players who have just as much skill as you or more. Its a great way to see where you are in your development also. Players get cut and sent home after this tourney. Thats why its a big deal, it may not be a big deal in your eyes...but it sure is a big deal to the guys who have worked their entire lives to get to this point.