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  1. Sportsnet packages

    Yes they do. They are either on Sportsnet or SportsnetOne...The Canucks games have been on SportsnetOne lately cuz of baseball :D
  2. McDavid vs Eichel

    This is a horrible arguement, there are a lot of super stars and hall of famers that never win the cup. Winning the cup is a team game, it comes with great skill, great chemistry in the dressing room, everyone healthy at the right time, and lots of luck. I hate that "no cups" arguement. People who say that, have no clue what they are talking about
  3. 3 on 3 and the use of the Sedins in OT now?

    Id rather Edler over Weber
  4. TSN Clowns Pick Vancouver 13th in the West

    Good I think the Canucks play better when they have something to prove. Less pressure. We were supposed to miss the playoffs last year too lol
  5. Canucks Pre Season Winners and Losers?

    Sutter is not a second line centreman. He never will be. Hes a mucker, and a great checker. Horvat is better suited for the second line. So I dont think Sutter "Lost" his spot to Horvat.
  6. Canucks Pre Season Winners and Losers?

    Gretzky never got hit because he had Semenko and Buchburger (or whatever his name was) protecting him. And everyone in the NHL knew if you touched Gretzky you were going to hear about it. Keith doesnt get hit because he is quick. :D
  7. Which nhl players or folk have you met in person?

    I've met many NHLERS. I live in the Okanagan but by far my favourite encounter was getting caddy Greg Adams two straight years in the Andy Moog Golf tourney. Greg is by far one of the nicest hockey players I've ever met. I won a contest...the first year. The second year he invited me back.
  8. Canucks prospects get drubbed 8 - 2

    Its a great way to see how they match up to real talent. There are a lot of good hockey players in their Jr leagues but a lot of them will never see pro hockey. Now you are playing with other players who have just as much skill as you or more. Its a great way to see where you are in your development also. Players get cut and sent home after this tourney. Thats why its a big deal, it may not be a big deal in your eyes...but it sure is a big deal to the guys who have worked their entire lives to get to this point.
  9. Canucks prospects get drubbed 8 - 2

    I was impressed with #61. He has great hands. Also Chase played hard for the Oilers too..McCoaster looked like that, a coaster. Doesnt battle in the boards, waits for the puck, he goes into the boards "oh excuse me" dont hit me. I am not supposed to be touched. Like come on!! Youre 18 years old kid. You wouldnt see Stamkos , Ovechkin or Crosby playing like that..EVER
  10. Canucks prospects get drubbed 8 - 2

    Witt is a terrible goalie, he will be cut by tonight. Whistle shouldve been in net. They wouldnt have won that game that handidly. The shots were even.
  11. Canucks prospects get drubbed 8 - 2

    They played in front of a packed arena in Penticton. Tickets were sold out the the first day they came out because of him. Because of Virtaneans hit they are now bubble wrapping him. The question is, what makes him so special that as an 18 year old he shouldnt be trying out like all of his peers. He wasnt that special in the game anyways. I am not surprised he got hit in his first prospects game
  12. Young Stars Tourney

    Anyone else going?? Who are you excited to see, other than Connor McJesus??
  13. Metal detectors being introduced this year... chaos?

    Some guy walked in a couple years back with a knife and went down near the dressing rooms. It was never reported, because they didnt want to scare anyone. But after that incident there was a hell of a lot more security.. I couldnt sneak in anymore
  14. Best way to meet a player or two?

    Shea Weber is actually really nice kid. I have met him a few times, in Kelowna...I have also met Tyler Myers, super quiet kid too. There are well over 300 current and former NHL players living in Kelowna...Funny thing is they hide well lol. But I see them at the arena, Ive meet a bunch of players on the golf course. I dont care about autographs. I find them kind of lame. Ive met, Higgins, Daniel, Edler, Hodgson, Bieska, and Erhoff while walking downtown just before the Stanley Cup playoffs in 2011. I said "Kick some ass boys" , shook all their hands, and Daniel said "yup and smiled". Good times. No pics or autographs, just a handshake.
  15. Last year this team had no chance, they surprised us. This year they really have no chance apparently...I bet you they will surprise everyone again. Willie D's second year, hes not a stupid man, he probably learned a lot from last year. :D