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  1. Zack Kassian Talk

    ABSOLUTELY! Gillis brought in Kassian to be physical. The Sedins need protection. Kassian should protect the Sedins. Once the Sedins know that somebody has their back, they'll be able to return to form. If Vigneault isn't going to play Kassian with the Sedins, then Kassian belongs on the fourth line.
  2. What are you listening to?

    ^^ Same thing happens to me every time I see that episode. This is the clean version but the explicit version is much better.. just search up 'blame game dirty' Beautiful song. Kanye goes full frontal with emotion on this one and Chris Rock's part is heart breaking.
  3. Burrows? Do We Really Need Him?

    What a dramatic game for Burrows. Scores the first goal, gets robbed by Niemi afterwards, takes the penalty that results in the GTG, gets slew footed by Vlasic, then wins the game for us on the shootout.
  4. Jordan Schroeder Talk

    Well he was drafted in 09. Considering we have patience and can develop our prospects properly, you don't think Schroeder will be given every opportunity to improve? Connauton never got a call up either. Nor did Bill Sweatt. Gillis is letting them develop.
  5. Alex Friesen Talk

    How old is he?
  6. Darren Archibald | #49 | RW/LW

    We'll be perennial Calder Cup contenders.
  7. yeah frack I don't even wanna do the three sheets but what can you do, right?

  8. OMG Snow?

    I hope not. Don't have snow tires and probably won't get any.
  9. Jordan Schroeder Talk

    I saw some great passes from Schroeder but he didn't have a great game. I'd like to see him play with Raymond and Kesler. Cockiness and selfishness don't necessarily go hand in hand. The way I see it, cockiness is fine- even beneficial- as long as the compete level matches the level of cockiness. And there is nothing more agitating than cockiness.
  10. Race you to 15k posts. Agree/Disagree?

  11. Anton Rödin | RW/LW

    I believe he is a RW. Can you tell me more about this statement? It'd be awesome if he added a couple of inches or a lot of pounds.
  12. Jordan Schroeder Talk

    The only way I see Schroeder making the team is if either Burrows is injured to start the season or we don't add another 3rd winger.. or both, which I hope is not the case. But if so, a third line of: Hodgson-Malhotra-Schroeder I guess it would be alright for their development, playing on a two-way line with a good defensive center like Manny, but if that's the case I wouldn't expect more than 35-40p from either of them, which would be very respectable in that situation. I don't think you'll see any 60-70p seasons right out of the gate for them.. Colin Wilson and van Riemsdyk only had 35p each (or were on pace for in Wilson's case) and Tavares/Duchene only had about 55p each. 60-70 is pretty unrealistic. However, if we do add a winger and Burrows isn't injured, Schroeder will be sent down.. and the line will probably be: Tambellini-Perrault-Schroeder I don't see Hodgson being sent down so he'll probably play 3rd line on Malhotra's wing, but if he is, I think the lineup will be: Tambellini-Perrault-Oreskovich or Tambellini-Perrault-Desbiens Schroeder-Hodgson-Desbiens or Olvecky-Hodgson-Schroeder I don't think you'll see Hodgson and Schroeder play the top line for the Moose. Tambellini/Perrault/Oreskovich/Desbiens, despite their lesser offensive skill/potential, are still more physically and mentally mature than those two, but I think you'll see Hodgson/Schroeder overtake them by the end of the season. But everybody has to remember we're still talking about potential right now and not right-here-right-now ability.
  13. I gave you your 100th +. :)