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  1. Exactly. I think people forget that Sbisa is only 24 or something. You'd rather have a 22 year old Corrado who's development has been stunted, and apart from the 2013 playoffs, has done nothing in the NHL, over a 24 year potential top 4 Dman who's arguably our most physical player?
  2. Mind you he could have been traded, you can't be upset at management for sending Corrado down. He didn't deserve a spot on the team. He should just be given one because of his waiver status? Please.
  3. Bingo.
  4. Dorsett?
  5. A 2nd rounder, even a low one, for a 34 year old defenceman who WE ALL KNOW did not have the skill, defensive prowess, and even sandpaper that he once had; that's a good deal for us.
  6. 'Waste of a roster spot'. Really? This guy is way better than someone like Higgins imo. He produced a great amount of points last year considering he was on the 4th line.
  7. Higgins does not fetch a low second at any point. At best, the return for Higgins would be a low third.
  8. Gagner is just being taken for a ride.
  9. I agree. And Benning has said a few times that he thinks the 2016 draft is strong than this years.
  10. Sprong was considered to be selfish and had serious character issues. Benning was never going to select a guy like that.
  11. Jesus... there's still a whole off-season..
  12. JB has always said how we wants players with character, which is why he's taken some of the players he has in this draft. Pilon has attitude problems and I think the decision not to draft him was pretty simple.
  13. So basically your point is that some of our goalies could not pan out with us or for us. What makes O'Connor any different?
  14. Ottawa is the best choice for him. Vancouver has too much goaltending depth (Miller, Lack, Eriksson (sp), Markstrom, Cannata, Demko), and NYR have the King for the long term. I'm not convinced Hammond is the real deal in Ottawa... reminds me of Linsanity. And I've never been overly convinced as Craig Anderson as a starter.
  15. Nashville gives up Weber and gets Pouliot, Vrbata, and Bieksa in return...?