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  1. I don't see him as close to an NHLer yet, if he couldn't do much at the AHL level how would he even be impactful even in a bot6 NHL role? Maybe he'll crack the team after a solid year in the minors.
  2. Oh for sure a bit of hyperbole there, Scheifele had 41 points in 21 games in the playoffs but the fact that Horvat was able to drive play on him head to head and force turnovers on him is amazing. Two draft years ahead and a top 10 pick.
  3. I'll be honest I don't see the upside in him as much as others. He reminds me of a goal scoring version of Schroeder. I think he has the upside of a Tyler Ennis.
  4. Don't know if it's been repeated in this thread but this kid is going to be a stud, went head to head with Mark Schiefele and killed him in the OHL Finals. He had tough 3c/2c minutes all year and got moved up with more talent in the 2nd half which is why his offence became better but doesn't stand out on paper. His skating is not elite or anything but he seems to make quick decisions with the puck and that's something we don't have in our system. Great prospect.
  5. Thank god for David Booth, fans chanting his name will make the Luongo jeers seem like its all for him!

  6. Pavel Bure, no question best and most dynamic player we've had and will ever have. It's like the leafs and Mats Sundin, he leads them all time in points and was consistent as heck but was he really the best player ever for the franchise? And Bure is likely our first official HOFer. But if the sedins continue potting 1 or 2 more 90-100 point seasons and get us another long cup run, no question they're one and two. Thank you Brian Burke!
  7. The Luongo defnders/hater thing going on with the fans is getting tiresome now. The goalie situation will unfold itself each guy's gonna get a chance.

  8. Is it April yet?

    1. The Brahma Bull

      The Brahma Bull

      i hear ya! i want playoffs!

  9. Foster the people is great

  10. Everyone keeps saying "Is it October yet" Personally I like the break away from hockey because the whole cup run was draining and the riots just left a sour taste in my mouth.

    1. Owen Nolan

      Owen Nolan

      speak for yourself

    2. Chip Kelly

      Chip Kelly

      I totally agree.

  11. I remember a tweet from Johnathan Quick back when we lost congradulating Tim THomas and the bruins and how karma was great or something... Setting himself up for a great season eh

    1. Venom52


      It probably dosen't work if you tell karma you want to bend her over in the very same tweet....


    1. HockeyChick8



    2. Tough As Salo

      Tough As Salo

      Beat me to it. But just in case...

  13. AV/Bowness' romer boner has to stop ... ffs put in ballard who can actually rush the puck and put in alberts for hamhuis if you want size

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    2. Dazzle


      Who says Ballard is not doing what the coach says?

    3. EmployeeoftheMonth


      Pretty obvious that if Rome is Playing over Ballard that Rome is playing the way the coaches want more than Ballard is.

    4. Mr.DirtyDangles


      Please Alberts is a joke ! no way i want him in over Hammer ! Let Av and the coaches continue to kick some A5555 !