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  1. And you get out of my hood...
  2. Worked at Surrey Golf Course for years. I play regularly in the Team 1040 Golf Series this year. My cap is down to about a 5 if we're using the RCGA system but I went down to a 2 using the TEAM Radio Cap System after I shot 73 at Redwoods at that event about a month ago. I play for Kwantlen University as well. TaylorMade Burner Tour Driver TaylorMade Burner 3W, 5W Cheap Callaway Fusion Knock-off Irons from 3-PW (Sad I know) Titlist Vokey Wedges 52 and 56 degree Ping Putter And I will only ever play ProV1's from now on. Love that golf ball.
  3. Yeah, golf was ridiculous yesterday as others have said. I decided to carry my bag at Belmont, what an awful idea.
  4. Burrows was well aware he definately could have played another season and tried to up his value a little more. He's happy for his buddy Kesler.
  5. I strongly dis-like you.

  6. "I'll shove my foot up yo a$$" That went according to plan...
  7. Whoever pinned this thread deserves mod of the year.
  8. He looked fairly good last night. Strong on his skates, and lightning fast out there. Noticeably smaller than most guys on the ice, but didn't back down to any of the Canadaian kids like Pieterangelo.
  9. Alfredsson is injured... I have a choice to pick up Elias or Cammalleri... Goals and Assists are the only things that count, both one point each. Who should I pick up you think?
  10. Whenever this thread gets bumped it makes me smile inside
  11. Lolz.....its shocking that you finally lost your cool!!!

    Its all good...ill peruse thru your posts and get yr rep back to the pluses.


  12. Hey guys, just looking for some advice on player picks... Forwards get 1 point for: Goals, Assists, and SO Goals Pick one player from each group: D.Sedin Savard - Steady 90 point player St.Louis Heatley - Thornton to Heatley??? Staal Zetterberg H.Sedin M.Richards Nash - Playing a full year with the likes of Brassard and/or Filatov could be his breakout year? Alfredsson Cammalleri - I think he might excel in the Eastern Conference? Elias Gagne Ryan - Almost a PPG last year... Kopitar Vanek Whitney - due to decrease in production? McDonald - Worried he might get injured again or play 2nd line minutes... Gomez Sullivan - Great PPG average when he returned... Tanguay Stastny - bounce back year? Goalies get one point for a win... 3 points for a shutout Price Turco Miller Varlamov - Worried he might get split starts with Theodore.
  13. To be fair, he did KIND OF disappear in the playoffs... Well... cooled down significantly anyways.. Still played okay.