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  1. I think the rabid media is a big factor. Guys like Matthews and Marner are depicted as Gods, their agents seem to have all the leverage. Matthews got the exact money and term he wanted, it's as if Dubas didn't even negotiate. And because Marner has arguably been just as good (if not better, or at least healthier) he had every right to ask for similar numbers. Can't help but think that Lou would have played hardball and done a much better job at the negotiations than Dubas. His view on hockey was probably more in line with their current coach's, as well. Wouldn't be shocked if there were some major changes if they get bounced early again this year.
  2. But but... defensemen take longer to develop!! And what about that 7-game playoff sample size?!!! We just need to find a D-man like Campbell to carry play with him!! etc!!!
  3. Wasn't he retiring after this season? Tough to say but his age is catching up with him already. He's still great, but it's obvious when he does panel hits and whatnot that he can't get his words out as smoothly.
  4. I said myself that they probably knew he was going to clear given they couldn't trade him for nothing. Just that I believe he's a cap casualty in that if there weren't some less desirable contracts on the books (regardless of how much we save by sending him down vs someone else), he'd still be with the Canucks. And if people want to argue that he was waived because he's the 15th best forward we have, or that he can't play if he's not in our top 6, then we can agree to disagree. And this is coming from someone who isn't the biggest fan of Baerstchi, or the trade that brought him here
  5. It was an attempt to get rid of his cap, even if there wasn't a large chance of it happening (as I mentioned previously). Does Bae get waived if Eriksson isn't on the roster?
  6. That's new. Usually when people here have no rebuttal they just leave a confused face reaction and pretend it never happened :D
  7. So then why does the outcome matter when the "outrage" had little to do with it?
  8. Is still a concern. If you think they would have waived Bae even if we didn't have roster/cap issues you're kidding yourself. He's still a cap casualty for a rebuilding team.
  9. Pretty sure most people didn't like the move because they believed Bae was a better option on our NHL roster than some of the guys we kept ahead of him. I don't think there was ever a huge chance of Bae getting claimed because Benning wasn't able to trade him for nothing. If a team was really interested in him for free, they would have traded for him instead of risking someone else grabbing him off waivers. I imagine he's back with the big Club soon, especially once the inevitable injuries hit.
  10. They don't play the same position, we could easily keep both, so that doesn't make sense to me.