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  1. [Signing] Hurricanes sign Calvin de Haan

    De Haan is a very solid #4. This is, at worst, a fair contract for a UFA top-4 D-man. Faulk is out and Pesce moves up.
  2. Benning prediction from 2015-16 season.....

    Benning botched the rebuild the first couple years so it shouldn't surprise anyone that his prediction is way off. We're doing things the right way now (for the most part) but it's going to take 2-3 years longer than it should have to be where we want to be. INB4 every excuse known to mankind telling me that Benning deserves at least 8 years to turn things around because Gillis left him with nothing... lol
  3. A defense of FA signings/Benning by a Benning hater

    Probably because CDC is overly positive, sometimes to the point of delusion (see the Gudbranson thread where people think he's a top pairing D-man LOL). You go pretty much anywhere else online for Canucks talk and the opinions are a lot more... balanced (Canucks reddit is good, HF is skewed the other way). Lol, this is pure gold. "You're only smart if you agree with my opinion!"
  4. Benning is doing a great job! (Discussion)

    He also overpaid 3 depth players in both term and money... there are two sides to every story. I'm not totally against these moves but time will tell. Thanks for your brilliant contribution.
  5. Benning is doing a great job! (Discussion)

    Yes but if we had a potato for a general manager instead of Benning we would have similar results: be a bottom-5 team every year and draft in the top-7 every year. They'll have to pull some moves to put them over the top. We're accumulating some good pieces but you have to remember, so is pretty much every other team. If we don't figure out a way to go above and beyond we're going to end up being another STL or MIN or MTL or [insert team here that's been good not great]. Benning will have to prove that and he'll have to do it before this new contract of his is up, otherwise he's not getting another one.
  6. Benning is doing a great job! (Discussion)

    When you've been a complete tire-fire for 4 years, some people are going to lose faith. Until management shows they actually have the ability to put together a good team (and maybe do it 5 years~ instead of 10), I don't see really see why they deserve the benefit of the doubt.
  7. Buffalo got fleeced. Didn't even get one of STL's 5 best prospects lol.
  8. Benning is doing a great job! (Discussion)

    Not a chance Edler gets waived. He's easily tradeable as long as he waives his NTC.
  9. Benning is doing a great job! (Discussion)

    Schaller has been a legit quality 4th liner for the past two seasons in the NHL and Roussel has been a legit quality third liner for most of his career (slower year last year but shooting % was really low). Gaunce has yet to prove he's an everyday NHLer. Whether or not you agree with the signings, they weren't made to replace the offense we lost. That's not what this is about. We would have had to sign JVR and Bozak together for that, and it probably would have cost us 14M over the next several years. Rarely is a signing for over 1M a two-way deal. Two-ways are for players that are likely going to play in the AHL. Lind and Dahlen aren't NHL ready. If Goldobin earns a spot, space will be made for him. Dowd and Motte are both fringe NHLers at best, we don't need to make space for them.
  10. Erik Gudbranson | #44 | D

    This thread is something else lol. Surprised Gudbranson isn't a 7-time cup winner already.
  11. Brandon Sutter | #20 | C

    I don't see how it'll be possible to put him in an offensive role when we have two other centers (Horvat and Gaudette) that should be more sheltered, leaving Sutter and Beagle to be the defensive zone start and match-up guys. I don't know if putting him with offensive wingers will help his game too much, he just doesn't have the offensive IQ and natural ability. He's a very straight-line/north-south player: skate up and down the ice fast and try to make a play on the rush.
  12. Re-Signing RFAs and UFAs

    If Tavares had any real interest in signing here, management would have been in California meeting with him and his agent. Money obviously wasn't the issue, he wanted to play at home.
  13. Benning is doing a great job! (Discussion)

    Schaller will LW. Gaudette still has a spot at center even if we keep both Beagle and Sutter. I don't agree with the high numbers on these contracts either but they don't push anyone worthwhile out (Gaunce hasn't shown anything that suggests he's a lock in the lineup).
  14. Benning is doing a great job! (Discussion)

    Expansion team just replaced him with Nick freakin' Holden. lol
  15. You're right, but there aren't many (if any) Roussels kicking around in the minors. He's definitely an NHL player, putting up 3rd line production while being good defensively for most of his career. Again I like the player, I'd like it if we signed him, but we have to remember that he's still a bottom-6er (AKA not someone we NEED, he would just be nice to have).