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  1. ICBC Situation.

    I think I've seen you on canadas worst driver.
  2. The NHL needs to implement a uniform tax policy

    While this is an innovative idea. There may be two issues: 1.) Is there a way to ensure that there are enough funds in this escrow account to satisfy taxes for over 700 players? Let's say everyone is required to contribute 10 % of their annual salary to this account, how will the NHL know that this is sufficient to satisfy their debts? 2.) a player earning $500,000 annual salary that must contribute the same amount to this escrow account as Tavares and his 15 million annual salary may not be fair to the lesser earner. So I can see a lot of 3rd and 4th liners not like this system, there's no evidence to suggest that they'll even save money on their personal tax returns.
  3. [Signing] Capitals sign Jayson Megna

    Thank god.
  4. [Signing] Maple Leafs sign John Tavares

    Yup , that's the way the league is now. Especially considering there aren't many blue chip d-men in free agency,
  5. [Signing] Maple Leafs sign John Tavares

    I'm making the logical inference that they will now turn there attention to defensive needs . I think it's premature to assume that their work is done.
  6. [Signing] Maple Leafs sign John Tavares

    They'll be a playoff team for the next 7-8 years atleast. They have the best centre depth in the league.
  7. [Signing] Blackhawks sign Chris Kunitz

    I feel like this guy has been playing forever.
  8. Wow , a UFA actually called Vancouver instead of the other way around eh?
  9. I agree with you on your last point. Unfortunately there too many idiots out there that cannot discern between facts and misleading information.
  10. I don't find it surprising at all. Your comment assumes that the non intelligent , non free thinking people in society are NOT influenced by the media. This just isn't true. The media, whether people like to admit it or not, helps shape our beliefs and prejudice.
  11. Progressive Muslims, baptized SIkhs, and other minority's groups who have been painted with the same brush certainly would. your counter argument : progressive Muslim is an oxymoron. There are over 1 billion of them , a large part possess very forward thinking liberal not Muslim so I'm not going to turn this into a debate about religious text. The fact is that western media has largely emphasized coloured mass shooters as terrorists while the Vegas terrorist, and any white terrorist shooting up an elementary school are labelled as "deranged".
  12. Of course he won't be called a terrorist , he's too white for that.
  13. [Trade] Hoffman to Florida

    Breaking news: Hoffman breaks up with his fiance.
  14. happy for ovechkin, the last two caps goals were exactly why the canucks said bye to sbisa.