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  1. if NJ gets Kovalchuk back they could very well be a playoff team.
  2. Anyone know of some quiet places to watch the fireworks? Trying to avoid the crowds the best I can. I'm willing to travel anywhere in Metro Vancouver. Thanks
  3. When we're rebuilding= Draft When we were the best team in the league= free agency/trade deadline.
  4. Yes, if Pavel Bure, Mats Sundin can get in the hall of fame without a cup. Then the Sedins with MVP'S (which Bure and Sundin never won), should be in.
  5. Bieksa was going to be on my list but I couldn't pick him over the others.
  6. @Riffraf Jokes on you, I don't have a girlfriend. I actually thought your girlfriend was lesbian until I slept with her. Swing by if you want her panties back.
  7. The title says it all. If you were forced into a bar fight but could take with you 5 former Canucks..who would they be? Here's my list 1.)Gino- Because he's Gino 2.) Donald Brashear- Arguably the best fighter we have ever had. Also, every crew needs a token brotha. 3.) Todd Bertuzzi- He brings the bad ass factor 4.) Rick Rypien (R.I.P.) (Comes from a boxing background, and one of the few fighters in the NHL that actually knew how to fight, as in he blocked punches instead of exchanging punch for punch)- His father was also a professional boxer. 5.) Brad May- He will do anything to stick up for his team mates. When he took on 6'7 Peter Worell, it is still one of the holy $&!# moments in Canucks history. Special mention- Ed Jovonovski and Pavel Bure's elbow. Canucks players who I would NEVER take with me to a bar fight 1.) Kyle Wellwood 2.) Jan Bulis 3.) Steve Kariya 4.) Sven Beartschi 5.) Richard Park
  8. Ovie does look old for a 31-32 year old.
  9. I remember during his last season here he stopped shooting the puck completely cause of a scoring drought. He had no confidence. He hit rock bottom when on a 2 on 0. He passed, got the puck back, had an empty net, and passed it back and we couldn't score. Immediately before he was traded he finally found his scoring touch but by then it was too late and he was traded to jersey for Denis Peterson and Brendan Morrison. I'm glad mogilny won a cup though. 89 is my favorite number
  10. he had a deadly wrist shot in colorado. rest in peace
  11. looks like i have to buy a cable package first. then itll let me stream. im on the phone with comcast right now. super annoying. wish there was a way to just order it online and not have to install boxes. Like nhl game centre
  12. hey guys, im living in the states and sportsnet is not available to watch online. I want to watch the world cup...any suggestions? I dont think NHL centre ice is playing it.
  13. Living in the states for now. What's the best subscription to watch on my laptop? I don't want to buy a tv/cable subscription. I'm looking for convenience Thanks!
  14. I might be moving away temporarily either to Ontario or San Fran. Anyone know the procedures involved in transporting my vehicle for use to another province or state? I know ICBC has insurance for that, but getting the vehicle over there is what I'm wondering.
  15. So I have an iPhone 6. the past 48 hours it has been automatically shutting down, then restarting itself, and it was deleting and restoring all my photos. It stopped doing that. But last night it shut itself off, and upon turning itself back on, all my text messages are gone. Just my texts have been lost. Everything else in the phone is in tact. Any advice? No itunes back up either. edit: it has stopped shutting itself off automatically. but the texts are still gone.