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  1. On 6/8/2019 at 8:38 PM, Tiger-Hearted said:

    Here's proof that Orca Bay was a meddling corporate ownership that wanted their corporate orca influence on the Canucks:



    ^^^Arthur Griffiths said it wasn't "his intention to incorporate an orca into the team's logo". 


    **In fact, Griffiths stated on his former radio show that he wanted to have the updated Johnny Canuck in the Skate colours, also designed by Orca logo designer Brent Lynch, as the new primary but new majority owner John McCaw and his Orca Bay "Yes people" like Stan McCammon wanted to have their orca brand in the Canucks' identity.



    ^^^ Orca Bay Capital Corp. Sounds like corporate influence to me.



    While I'm not responding to this quote, I would like to respond to one of your other posts in this thread that I cannot find. I am paraphrasing, but you responded to a comment about the orca being important for indigenous history, and then posited that indigenous history is relevant throughout all of Canada, and then used Montreal as an example. 


    I think you're forgetting the orcas significance to the pacific north west. The orca is much more prevalent in the pacific ocean than the atlantic or arctic. 



    "Killer Whales are the most widely-distributed mammals in the world. Although they are more commonly found in areas associated with high ocean productivity, in the mid to high latitudes, they can tolerate temperature ranges from polar to tropical waters. In Canada, Killer Whales are found in all three oceans, but are less common in Atlantic and Arctic regions. In British Columbia, they have been observed throughout almost all marine waters, including long inlets, narrow passages and deep embayments, as well as occasionally up brackish river channels."

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  2. Perhaps he is writing this just IN CASE he does not re-sign. IMO, it makes sense for him to re-sign, as that team can still win. The age argument is hilarious. Brent Burns is 34 and still one of the better offensive defencemen in the league. Erik Karlsson does not play a reckless game either, I am not convinced that he will never be the same. I think he has many great years in front of him.

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  3. I've said it forever- injury prone players never stop being injury prone.


    Gaborik, demitra, tim Connelly, edler, tanev, havlat,dipietro,lindross,sami salo. For most of these guys it wasn't even the same nagging injury, it was a different injury every time.



  4. Random thoughts:

    a.) Has anyone visited Mike Matheson's instagram lately? His latest post has over 1000 hate comments (Not exaggerating).


    b.) If any canucks fans are sending threatening DM'S to canucks players, is it logical to assume that it is players that get criticized the most by the media and fans? (Virtanen, Hutton, etc). I doubt fan favorites like Horvat or Pettersson will receive any.