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  1. The next problem that you run into with a scheme like that is what happens when a player is traded? Does his salary change?
  2. [report] canucks not qualifying derrick pouliot

    1-way/2-way has nothing to do with being able to play in the AHL. The only thing it changes is how much the player earns if they do find themselves in the minors.
  3. lmao if you think Buffalo is going to deal #1 for #6 + #7. You would think you would realize this when you type "Tanev, #7, + for Dahlin". Unless that "+" is Boeser and Pettersson.
  4. Yeah, it is going to take until at least October.

    Virtanen + 2nd + 3rd for EK. Get 'er done boys!
  6. Holm wasn't going to be back next year anyways so why are people so upset?
  7. Benning Extended (Official)

    Losing Hamhuis for nothing was better than getting a bad return IMO. If JB had let him go for a 3rd do you think we would have got the return that we did for Burrows and Hansen? We'll have a better idea on the Guddy trade by the summer.
  8. I agree to a point but a lot of the injuries that we have had are more freak accidents that no amount of conditioning would have prevented.
  9. This ****ing guy... How did you know?
  10. It would leave us in a much better spot if we could swing Hutton+ instead of moving Tanev.
  11. To be fair they had Gretzky, Kurri, Fuhr, Anderson, Lowe, Coffey, Messier, Moog, etc.
  12. He can barely crack the AHL roster so I'm thinking the answer is yes.
  13. So we traded a fringe AHLer for a serviceable 4th line guy that might actually be able to win a faceoff. I'm having a hard time seeing how someone can make a case against this one. Even if Dowd is lost to waivers we have at least freed up a contract slot.
  14. [Report] Matthew Tkachuk suspended 1 game

    Fair enough but he did it from the bench. Can't comment on Meier but as far as I'm concerned a spear from the bench comes pretty close to leaving the bench to fight someone and a 10 game suspension.
  15. [Report] Canucks recall Michael Chaput and Thatcher Demko

    Came for the Michael Scott reference. Was not disappointed.