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  1. Yeah, having good players that the team will have to nut up and pay sure does suck.
  2. Problem is if good people can't advance internally they'll end up getting poached by another team willing to give them more responsibility.
  3. That cap recapture from the Luongo deal is screwing us a bit. I wouldn't be surprised if there is still some behind the scenes work being done to try to clean this up.
  4. They haven't even played a single game yet this season, how can you say Ferland won't be a good fit?
  5. +1 LE is obviously a useful NHLer, he's just overpaid for what he brings. IMO the worst part about his contract is how every thread devolves into "durr, LE is the worst and needs to be waived/traded/boughtout/whatever."
  6. They did away with re-entry waivers in the last CBA so that guys wouldn't get buried in the minors just so that their team didn't have to risk losing them.
  7. Reading this thread has been hilarious. I like Baer as much as the next guy but let's be real here - he's played 79 games and scored 23 goals over the last two seasons. Sure, his goals/game is pretty good but it is hard to build a team around a guy that is only going to play half a year. Baer also isn't a 4th line grinder or PK'er so I'm not sure what all the whiners complaining about Schaller and/or LE are on about.
  8. When you claim someone don't they have to play with the NHL team?
  9. I love how people act like it is their money paying these players.
  10. Wishful thinking. The conversation will just shift to how Jim overpaid him.
  11. Laine has 16 points (8-8-16) in 23 career playoff games. Not exceptional but not terrible either.
  12. I don't know why people think that. Would you accept a lower salary from your employer just because they know you have money in the bank?