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  1. OK, but 5 of our last 6 first round picks are already playing in the NHL and the 6th is injured. How do all those other teams look if you discount their first rounders that haven't been good enough to make it to the NHL?
  2. Yeah, they're spending all of your hard earned money... If they wait a couple more years Bo will be 27 and, according to half of this board, he will have to be traded for picks. We can't rebuild forever otherwise by the time we are "ready" our top guys will be getting paid and we won't be able to ice the team you envision.
  3. How is it complicated? You draw for the top three slots, 4-15 are filled according to the regular season ranking of the remaining 12 teams.
  4. I drive 2 hours a day and work out for another hour or so - I listen to A LOT of podcasts. My go to rotation is: Build Wealth Canada Maple Money Show Mo' Money Podcast Spittin' Chicklets 30for30 Podcast DAT Poker Podcast Thinking Poker Podcast ChooseFI Canadian Couch Potato 31 Thoughts BobCast When I run out of new episodes I've been filling in the gaps with Reply All.
  5. Hey, White almost won us a cup! Agree with the rest of your post.