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  1. Is it just me or do the Golden Knight jerseys remind me of the jerseys for the German national team?
  2. I've said it before, and I'll say it again. The goalie graveyard has officially re-located in Calgary.
  3. What if you're happy with a Liberal minority?
  4. Does anyone play online versus here?
  5. Stop feeding the troll people. Move along.
  6. Well if he had kept it to himself then you can't blame management for putting him in the press conference. Bottom line, no one will ever know what exactly happened or didn't happen, or who said what. Let's just leave the speculating to the media pundits.
  7. Well you think he'd really want to be 100% honest in front of the entire Vancouver media? If I was in his position, I'd rather take that straight to management, not put it out for the media to feed on for days.
  8. Everyone should take a breather and read this. +1
  9. No as the year went on.
  10. His determination to stay in the NHL probably waned as he experienced life in North America and began to miss his family.
  11. The troll is strong with this one. You're helping me remember why I stopped posting in this part of the forum. I'm out.
  12. Holy smokes bro, calm down. Put on that tinfoil hat of yours when the media has had some time to actually fully react to this. Some of you guys are making it out as if Tryamkin was the second coming of Jesus. He alone wasn't going to save this franchise.
  13. The one bad thing from all this though is that we'll all probably have to go through a good couple of weeks of the clowns at TEAM1040 throwing out random conspiracy theories and baseless opinions of management.
  14. To be honest, I'd be more upset if Goldobin said he was going to bolt to Russia. Tryamkin was intriguing, but let's be honest, this was just another case of another Russian who felt uncomfortable in North America and just prefers to stay close to home. It sucks, but I'm not too worried about it. We have guys like Subban and Juolevi to transition into that spot, maybe not by next year, but in the near future for sure. Not to mention, we still have Tryamkin's rights. We can blame coach, management, etc, but Tryamkin got his fair share of ice time and was treated fairly. I don't think he has any right to complain about ice time. Look at Virtanen, he understands his situation and what he needs to improve on, and so he's been working his ass off in the AHL. Tryamkin obviously doesn't have the same conviction to roll with the punches in NHL development yet and has decided to go to Russia.
  15. It's good to see the goalie graveyard finally move out of Vancouver.