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  1. Canucks look alikes

    I always think of these two whenever it comes to look-a-likes.
  2. ♥♣♥ happy birthday!! ♥♣♥

  3. Sophomore Year - JUN.23.08

    Haha.. Have fun with the Grind... Don't worry I was worse then that...
  4. A Retrospective - APR.14.08

    Mason, Early gratz on the wedding... :D Hope to see you playing and healthy next season
  5. Hard to Say Goodbye - APR.10.08

    Ryan Early Congrats to you and your wife it was great to see you achieve great things this year. Can't wait for next season...
  6. [OFFICIAL] Renders Thread v2.0

    Roberto Luongo Trevor Linden
  7. Rookie Hazing - FEB.25.08

    hahaha... oh the rookie initiations... I feel bad for all you guys, but you gotta do what they force you to do. But it's good to see that you enjoyed it. good luck in the next few games GO CANUCKS! GO!
  8. Dealing the Cards - FEB.13.08

    wow.. seems like you had a great time... rylan is actually a very cute name.. best of wishes to you, your wife and the baby girl.
  9. Settling In - FEB.12.08

    Mason, I'm sure they won't get any whipped cream on ya', it would be a shame... I would certainly be surprised... so go ahead and blame it on me. I did feel bad when you got the pie in the face.. Jokes aren't my thing either, probably the reason why my brother makes fun of me with all his good jokes, he expects me to bounce back.... Well, enjoy tonight's adventures who knows what would happen. good luck in the next few games... ps. last year sabby, burr, and chouinard had to sing a song...
  10. [OFFICIAL] Renders Thread v2.0

    Roberto Luongo (not sure if there's one like this)
  11. [OFFICIAL] Renders Thread v2.0

    yahoo sports solves everything...
  12. [OFFICIAL] Renders Thread v2.0

    henrik sedin (all-star) EDIT: sorry if it looks bad... haven't made a render in a while, and i did this on my laptop... did the best i could