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  1. My hope: Sedin- Sedin- Burrows Baertschi - Horvat - Vrbata Virtanen - Sutter - Hansen Prust - Mccann - Dorsett Tanev - Edler Hamhuis - Bartkowski Sbisa - Weber I'm more than certain those are the defenders that'll make the team, but not sure about the pairings.. My wish? I wish for Sbisa to be sent the entire f*ck outta here, Hutton take his spot, and maybe Corrado take Weber's spot. Get some youth in there, although Weber does help the powerplay. Corrado's shot is a little underrated it seems. Also, I want to see if Bae - Bo -Virtanen can do anything in the regular season. Bae and Bo both have NHL experience, I think they have a chance. That way we can see Burrows with Sutter and Hansen, which I think could be one of the leagues best checking lines that can grind their way to goals, and this gives us 3 lines that can score. I hate putting Mccann on the fourth line with 2 plugs (I know, we love dorsett, but lets be real), but he has been way better than that useless sh!t Vey, and we could utilize his shot on the powerplay. At the least, he deserves 9 games, which is the same with Virtanen. Tanev - Edler Hamhuis - Hutton Corrado - Bartkowski That helps me sleep at night more than any Sbisa pairing.
  2. Keep the team as is...let the youngins develop under the vets. Risk with that? We don't have any superstar young guys. We need a huge FA signing or two in a couple years. Which is possible, players do like it here. Bo, Virtanen and Baertschi need to all be hits for us. Mccann and Cassels also. If they are (which they look like they will be) we'll be okay. Defense being a major issue, something that will need to be solved via FA. Risky, but possible.
  3. Canucks won tonight, Miller lost. If he gets his head out of his ass and listens to Rollie, he'd play deeper in his net. Why do you think flames kept trying back door plays? They don't always try those plays...if he plays deeper, he makes the saves. Also, Willie's an idiot. If Miller was 100% he would've made that first save on the 2 on 1, he didn't have the strength in his leg to push off. And if he could make that save...Lack would've also. If Lack plays, we're going to game 7. And we win. Hindsight is 20/20...I know. But Willie made some huge mistakes this series...If he doesn't improve next year he better have a short leash.
  4. When Miller went down I felt extremely bad for the guy, but I felt our chances increase...he's been so bad..wins are a result of team success, a goalie should not be solely judged by that. Lack>>>Miller
  5. I think if we lay out all of Gillis' moves and achievements...common sense would dictate that he was extremely successful. He made mistakes of course, but he was learning from them. Draft is a great example. He deserved more time...his players are shining now. Kass Horvat LACK Markstrom (that game wasn't his, fault lets be realistic here) Matthias Corrado Tanev I mean...those are our best players outside of the Sedins...and I've probably missed a few.
  6. Should've never signed Miller. Lack>Miller. Also look how Markstrom is developing. Now we're stuck with Miller for 3 years while Eddie is 26. Do we really wanna stick with Miller for 3 years? Give Lack is chance at the age of 29?? He won't stay.
  7. C'mon guys, Vermette is exactly what we need. If Bonino is comfortable playing the wing, we can slot Vermette as our second line center and ice a line of Bonino-Vermette-Kassian. Faceoffs are ever so important and we can still get better. Horvat can move to the 3rd line. Trade Richie and, idk, Archibald? would Richie and a 3rd do? Richie, Archibald and a 4th? They're not getting what they're asking for, that's for sure.
  8. Why put a cap on players is my thing. I don't like making comparisons at all, either. Horvat will be Horvat. Does he have similarities to Bergeron? Sure, but they'll be different players. I hope people start to accept that.
  9. I don't mean to overhype Horvat but if he continues to win faceoffs at this rate and play this well defensively I feel like he should be the fill in at that 2nd line whenever Burrows is down. Bonino seems to struggle a bit without Burr, and I feel that's because Burrows defensive minded style helps Bones immensely. I know Bonino should've had a goal last night and the lines been okay, but it hasn't been on the same level. And I'm not saying Bo should take Burrows' place on that line. I also pray to god they don't send Horvat back down. His faceoff ability has changed our dynamic so much. He filled one of our glaring holes, we just need a solid top 4 Dman (including Hammer) and I'll be stoked for a deep playoff run. Bo also has a history of being a clutch performer so I think he'd slide seamlessly into the playoff atmosphere.
  10. Guys this is a legitimate concern. We overrated him with his good games now we can't just give him a free pass when he's been playing like trash. Fans of the east always say he starts to fizzle out, age could be causing that to happen earlier this year. Lack has progressively played better. This is Vancouver after all...a goalie controversy is imminent.
  11. Tight game. 2-1 win. Lack (if he's playing) stands on his head because Vancouver and goalie controversy seem to be synonymous. Kassian and Bonino the scorers. Edit: Boo if you wish, cheer if you wish, the best reactions tend to be the mixed ones. Me personally? I would boo, because he's not on my team. Why would I cheer for the opposition? What he did in the past is irrelevant to me because he isn't helping us NOW.
  12. Hamhuis and Tanev can be a great shutdown pair. Unfortunately they're both busy babysitting lesser partners. If we pick up a solid top 4 reliable D-Man it would fix our problems in the defensive end.
  13. Agreed with everything you said, our Cali trip is being crazily overrated. Although I believe we take the Blues in a 7 game series. We got severely outplayed by San Jose..lucked out with a win. Milliseconds away from overtime don't forget that. Then we let that performance bleed over to the next game. We played great against Anaheim, they didn't have Perry but we were missing players also. That's the only win I truly accept from that trip, and it is a big one! We need a top 4 D like you said but we also need another goal scoring winger, and/or fix our faceoff issues. We've been better as of late, but not good enough. Only ace we have is Horvat and he's on the 4th line. Need someone like a Vermette.
  14. We need to start winning games more convincingly...no one goes undefeated in one goal games. Eventually bounces will go the other way, but for now its helping us still get acclimated to the system. If we continue to progress then I'll be content. For now...enjoying the ride!!!
  15. Not or, but BOTH. The bright side is that we have enough forwards in our system that one of them can become a top 6 guy, maybe even this year, I'm still hoping Kassian makes it hard on the team to keep him off the second line, but the way that second line is playing and him being injured, I think it won't happen, and I'm not complaining! Unfortunately we don't really have stud d-men in our system. So a trade may be necessary. For now...we look GREAT! LETS GOOO