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  1. My hope: Sedin- Sedin- Burrows Baertschi - Horvat - Vrbata Virtanen - Sutter - Hansen Prust - Mccann - Dorsett Tanev - Edler Hamhuis - Bartkowski Sbisa - Weber I'm more than certain those are the defenders that'll make the team, but not sure about the pairings.. My wish? I wish for Sbisa to be sent the entire f*ck outta here, Hutton take his spot, and maybe Corrado take Weber's spot. Get some youth in there, although Weber does help the powerplay. Corrado's shot is a little underrated it seems. Also, I want to see if Bae - Bo -Virtanen can do anything in the regular season. Bae and Bo both have NHL experience, I think they have a chance. That way we can see Burrows with Sutter and Hansen, which I think could be one of the leagues best checking lines that can grind their way to goals, and this gives us 3 lines that can score. I hate putting Mccann on the fourth line with 2 plugs (I know, we love dorsett, but lets be real), but he has been way better than that useless sh!t Vey, and we could utilize his shot on the powerplay. At the least, he deserves 9 games, which is the same with Virtanen. Tanev - Edler Hamhuis - Hutton Corrado - Bartkowski That helps me sleep at night more than any Sbisa pairing.
  2. Keep the team as is...let the youngins develop under the vets. Risk with that? We don't have any superstar young guys. We need a huge FA signing or two in a couple years. Which is possible, players do like it here. Bo, Virtanen and Baertschi need to all be hits for us. Mccann and Cassels also. If they are (which they look like they will be) we'll be okay. Defense being a major issue, something that will need to be solved via FA. Risky, but possible.
  3. I think if we lay out all of Gillis' moves and achievements...common sense would dictate that he was extremely successful. He made mistakes of course, but he was learning from them. Draft is a great example. He deserved more time...his players are shining now. Kass Horvat LACK Markstrom (that game wasn't his, fault lets be realistic here) Matthias Corrado Tanev I mean...those are our best players outside of the Sedins...and I've probably missed a few.
  4. Don't you remember Hodgson's interview after the trade? He practically admitted ice time was the issue. He wanted to shine and there was 0 space for him in our top 6, so we chucked him to Buffalo. Kassian was still considered a good prospect back then. Discipline was an issue but he was a 13th overall pick, he wasn't some reclamation project. Trade was fine at the time. The only major issue I have with MG are all the NTCs he gave out and handcuffed us with. Anything else, I was fine with his trades and signings. Draft picks weren't bad at all either. Torts signing in my mind was more of an ownership decision.
  5. Thanks for the input! Interesting, so he's a project. Those seem like coachable items. But I get the concerns. High risk, high reward I guess.
  6. I haven't seen Virtanen live, just hilites, and kid looks absolutely amazing. What's the knock on him? not a team player? I just honestly want to know, because he looks like a stud. Amazing shot, amazing speed, strong. Seems to have the full package.
  7. People need to understand...tanking starts with management. Players and coaches will never tank. It just doesn't go down. How would you like it if someone walked up to you and said you have to lose every game? If you say you'd be cool with that, you've either never played competitive sports or have 0 sense of pride. And as a fan, I feel obliged to cheer for them to win. I simply can't have it any other way. To people calling me and other fans cheering delusional, you're delusional to think we can tank for enough for a top 5 pick, and picking outside the top 6 to about 13 isn't a big enough difference to give a sh!t. Get it through your thick skulls.
  8. People act like this team is so far off...you guys are crazy.. Remember our December? How sweet life was. Injuries derailed us, and we had a cold streak. Oh well Luongo wanted out of Vancouver one way or another, lets get that straight. And NO team wanted to pay much for him. Getting a future number one and Matthias who has looked great is as good as a deal is gonna get. We got rid of the contract. Be happy. Luongo is only going to be effective for 2 more years. Lack/Markstrom will be for 10+ each. Jensen looks great, so that looks like a dope pick. Henrik is back to being Henrik if you guys haven't noticed. Watch some damn games instead of giving up. Burrows-Henrik-Jensen That line should be a sure fire lock. It seems they have some great chemistry right now. Hopefully it isn't just new linemate luck. Daniel-Kesler-Kassian Kesler wanted a winger? Here, take our best one, and one who deserves a top 6 role. This line would be great because they all have skill and size. Matthias-Horvat-Higgins Matthias isn't exactly great in the circle, and we gotta start getting Horvat some games. Staying in the juniors won't do him any good. He is a stud, this line would be sound defensively and score. The reason we made it to the finals was because we could roll out 3 lines. This gives us a great 3rd line. Sestito-Richardson-Archibald Let's bruise some teams. Richardson is good in the dot so if we're stuck on an icing, it isn't too big of a deal. Get rid of Hansen. Frustrating to watch. Love his speed and hustle but he lacks any form of skill. All this team is missing is a puck moving D-Man and maybe another borderline top 6 guy incase Horvat doesn't pan out. Get a puck moving D-Man, put the Sedins together on a powerplay with Kesler, then let the 2nd unit contain Jensen, Horvat and Kassian. You could use Burrows also. This team is fine, relax everyone, we'll be back to contending for the cup. If not next year, then the year after. Gillis hasn't done his job half bad. Everyone is overreacting, which is typical of Canucks fans.
  9. Well. Our goalies have been an utter disappointment so far,,
  10. Well, Los Angeles Kings Simon Gagne(5.25) - Sidney Crosby(8.7) - Ales Hemsky(4.1) Kris Versteeg(3.083) -Scott Gomez(7.35)- Peter Mueller(2) Alexander Frolov(3) - Ville Leino(0.8) - Alexei Ponikarovsky(3.2) Sergei Kostitsyn(0.55) - Mike Modano(1.25) - Andrei Kostitsyn(3.25) Mike Comrie(0.5) Michael Grabner(0.843) Zdeno Chara(7.5) - Dennis Seidenberg(3.25) Lubomir Visnovsky(5.6) - Alexander Edler(3.25) Braydon Coburn(3.2) - Matt Hunwick(1.45) Anssi Salmela (0.613) Tuukka Rask(1.25) Jonas Gustavsson(1.35) We just did .
  11. Dude I sent a list -.-. It's okay people make mistakes, and my player didn't get picked . LA picks Scott Gomez and his 7 mil. And The Kings select Andrei Kostitsyn.
  12. So can I make up my picks? Matt Hunwick Alex Ponikarovsky.