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  1. Canuck Young Forwards: Assessing 2017-18

    Granlund was pretty bad offensively this year, and looked pretty replaceable last season. If he doesn't show any improvement, I don't see him past next year.
  2. BC Lions

    Manziel could work in the CFL, as he is mobile and that tends to help out. His football iq has to improve though.
  3. Cuban airplane crash kills 100 people

    My mom has also improved with exposure to mayday lol. I have rarely flown, but feel even better about it due to watching it.
  4. Cuban airplane crash kills 100 people

    Yes, but some people have to fly Delta
  5. What Are You Currently Playing?

    Wrong title. I believe it's called "lone wolf"
  6. Cuban airplane crash kills 100 people

    You've gotta account for control. People like to be in control of their lives, and you have no control when you are in a plane.
  7. So Carolina is depending on Aho to turn their team around...I've been there and done that.
  8. Well, we have been lacking some Finnish in our scoring.
  9. [Proposal] Goldobin for Emil Pettersson

    Sounds like another Baertschi to me.
  10. If we had two firsts, I would consider trading the later one. If we see ourselves being competitive in three years, he would be 27 and fit in as a prime player.
  11. I thought this was going to be a proposal for his brother
  12. [Report] Stars name Jim Montgomery head coach

    I feel like Hitchcock is good for a bad team lacking talent. However, Dallas is not one of those teams and he ended up holding them back IMO.
  13. confessions

    I feel like I don't belong. Like I have a couple of friends, but I don't feel overly close to them and I also miss having a group of friends to hangout with. I'm a huge people-person, so it also &^@#s me up that way. I'm looking for a place to move out, but I'm kind of scared because when I do that, I'm cutting off my past to start fresh, because I'm stuck wanting the past that I had but can't have anymore. It's like my past is holding me back, so getting rid of might let me start from the ground rather than under water.
  14. Starting my first day at work with 0 sleep lol. The worst part is, it wasn't even the job that was keeping me up, but stress about friends/ex friends and what I'm even going to do this summer.

    1. -AJ-


      I can relate to the sleep deprivation part. I once went to a training bit for a job on no sleep at all and was nodding off during the PowerPoint. I felt so bad, haha. Fortunately, it was just a few hours of training and not an entire workday.

  15. Critiquing NHL Logos

    I love this guy and watched a bunch of his other videos. He does some neat ones like trying to figure out the max scores of games or the shortest each game can be.