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  1. I really don't want Myers, as he doesn't really control play from the blueline and is more of a passenger on a deep Jets blueline. He's a good d-man, but he won't be someone we can build around on defense and won't be worth the money he'll get.
  2. c00kies

    NFL thread

    Sounds like they're keeping agholor for now. I feel like Jackson could be replacing Jernigan (though injured mostly) more than Bennett. I like the moves so far though, and I'm curious to see what they do next and what they pick with their first rounder.
  3. c00kies


    What are some good foods to eat to gain weight and help with muscle building?
  4. c00kies

    Vehicle Purchase Question

    Maybe she was thinking gross instead of net? I check my stubs every so often because of the $&!#ty pay system (Phoenix) that is known to &^@# up a lot.
  5. c00kies


    I'm about your height and want to get to 150 as well, but I'm 18 pounds too light. The good news is that I have a low fat %, so the weight I have is muscle, which is what I am focusing on building now. It's hard to work your way up, but I think I can do it :p
  6. I remember having to learn how to drop to my knees when I was goalie (just for fun and in intramurals), as dropping down naturally looked a lot like this guy (minus the jump). It was hard at first, and even hurt a bit, but after enough practice I had the pad part out flush. There's no way I could do that right now though
  7. c00kies

    NFL thread

    Doug Bell-doink was also snagged right before too
  8. c00kies


    I work full-time 8-4, but I want to pick up a second job so that I have less alone time. Weekends drag and I feel like I have nobody to do anything with aside from family. I used to be close to a couple of people, but I'm not anymore (plus I didn't like the way I was getting treated by the person I felt closest to) and I always run out of things to do by myself (I do workout and have focused on adding to it). Part of me wants to hit the restart button, but I would want to move out of my house and move to truly leave my past behind, as it seems I regret every single move I make and have ever made. I've gone through life pretty much all alone, and although I'd like to think it makes me stronger, I think it makes me realize how alone I truly am and how little I have to fight for right now. I want to matter and be important in someone's life, but I feel like a minor character in many lives and always feel and end up replaceable. I can't remember the last time I hung out with someone one-on-one just for fun.
  9. c00kies

    [Discussion] Should the NHL give 3 points for regulation win?

    Well, it was okay back when there were ties, as both teams would essentially lose a point, however, we now have the shootout, so someone is guaranteed that extra point. Since we won't go back to ties, I think a 3 point system would be good, as long as OT and Shootout wins are both worth two and an OT and shootout loss is each worth one (I've seen suggestions for a 0pt shootout loss, but I could see teams purposely losing in OT to get a point).
  10. c00kies

    NFL thread

    It can actually happen in the NFL? I know it has happened in College (on a PAT when the defense had the ball out of the end-zone and brought it back in for a one-point safety), but I didn't think it was a rule in the NFL.
  11. c00kies

    Why does Canucks offense suck?

    We have almost no point presence, so the entire opposition can focus on the forwards or even just pressure the point and get the puck out. We don't have a lot of successful cycles, especially since we have a lot of dead sticks out there. With more talent, the offense and thus opposition will be more spread out, allowing for better chances and more goals.
  12. c00kies


    Cutting out toxic people or people that make you feel like you're not enough feels soooo good. I don't think the person even knows how they were treating me, but I could never confront her about it because she always flips things or dismisses things, but I honestly feel better about myself, even if I did really care about her.
  13. Clicklock enabled again...yay!!!

  14. I will never be the man my mom was. Happy birthday mom :P 

    1. NewbieCanuckFan


      Alf will never be the cat his Dad was....now you know the truth.   Weep for Alf.