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  1. c00kies

    PlayStation 5 Thread

    I heard it was supposed to be, but I don't know how far back.
  2. c00kies

    NHL 19 Thread

    Wichita Talented Club? I have no idea either and didn't even notice til you brought it up lol.
  3. c00kies

    NFL thread

    That's a dropped pick six...Dak got lucky there.
  4. c00kies

    NFL thread

    Lol I'm an Eagles and Yankees fan, which is also a huge violation. Just cheer for whomever and tell anyone who disagrees to shut up :p Go Bombers!
  5. c00kies

    NFL thread

    Lol it's good he keeps repeating it, because my cable was screwy for a bit. Excited for the late game, but I'm getting my first loss in playoffs lol.
  6. c00kies

    NFL thread

    Blocked punt td, just what the colts needed.
  7. Well, Price is sitting out, so it's not like they didn't have someone before. It's hard to replace a team player with another one, because they would have had to send their backup goalie in this case lol.
  8. c00kies

    [PGT] Arizona Coyotes at Vancouver Canucks | Jan. 10, 2019

    I'd say the Jets are, but Vancouver hasn't been the greatest over the years, so there are probably a few.
  9. Clicklock enabled again...yay!!!

  10. c00kies

    Bobrovsky Suspended by Blue Jackets

    Was there an outdoor game that he didn't play?
  11. c00kies

    Laine's Scoring Slump

    Laine is always streaky, but the Jets have the depth so it doesn't affect them as much. You love his goals when they are in bunches, but he doesn't seem to consistently score one every few games. He'll be fine, and I expect his consistency to improve as he adapts to the NHL.
  12. c00kies

    NFL thread

    If the game was in Dallas, I'd pick Cowboys for sure. If Dallas gets ahead, I could see then using Elliott to control the game.
  13. c00kies

    NFL thread

    Weren't there two firsts? Gotta hope to strike gold on both of them
  14. c00kies

    Things that annoy you.

    Ahh okay. You have a good outlook on life, and I have high hopes for your kids. Hopefully things get a bit easier for you.
  15. c00kies

    Things that annoy you.

    Is there a reason you're still in contact with her? That sounds like a $&!# time to me, sorry you're going through it.