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  1. I would like Krejci, but I am worried about his health.
  2. If your streams touch you have to kiss.
  3. This is what I am hoping for. I understand Eriksson playing with the twins to reignite their chemistry, but I much prefer two solid lines than one loaded one. I also believe that Hansen, like Komarov, isn't a natural top six forward, so unless he plays with the Sedins he should be in the bottom six.
  4. There's nothing to play with because you have none?
  5. Maybe if it was a major penalty, but that's about it. I'm going to piggyback off this idea because I see it as similar. During the regular season you have O.T. before the shootout, but what if a player takes a penalty that goes past the end of the game (ex: 2 minute penalty with 1 minute to go)? I suggest keeping that player from participating in the shootout, or at the very least, make them ineligible as one of the first three shooters.
  6. The best part about PS+ for ps3 was that it was optional, so they made it very worth it for those that subscribed to it. I would like to see two options: a PS+ option, and an online only option. PS+ can be $70 per year, while online only could be $20-$25. This would only happen if they lost a majority of their PS+ subscribers with the new price adjustment.
  7. Yeah, the guy screams "douche" in that video. He should try to be a bit more objective, but it's probably his style. Anyway, this does suck. I hope they'll pump out more quality games early on to try to get people hooked.
  8. You do get diversity, as the four seasons are distinct from one another in Manitoba.
  9. I feel like the average player is getting bigger, as goons have basically been removed from the league. Losing the goons means you lose the highest end of "big players", so it being stagnant means that the lower end (or at least the middle) is picking up the slack. So this means that we're seeing more big guys with skill, rather than small skilled players and big goons. This is strictly speculative on my part and has no sources to backup my claims.
  10. If there was a point to the game I would try it, but it seems like it's just there for a few scares.
  11. I had them pretty much from the start lol. I don't play often except for commutes, which is why I'm so far behind
  12. I guess I should've been more clear. Edmonton has a bunch of raw skill, but that's pretty useless on the ice. It's the tapped skill and cohesion that I was referring to. Also, Edmonton lacks true skill on the blue line, which pretty much makes any goalie a piece of Swiss cheese.
  13. I disagree with building from the net out, as those teams have rarely won Cups in the past 10 years. That said, teams that win Cups seem to have a competent goalie, but not necessarily an elite one. Notables that fit in the net-out approach are the Rangers, St.Louis, Nashville, and New Jersey. Teams that have skill don't need a great goalie, just one that will allow them to win the games that they should. An example of this is in this year's SCF; although Jones stole a couple games, Murray was solid enough throughout the series to allow the better team to win the Cup, despite never stealing a game. Chicago has had great success with Crawford (and even with Niemi) and Pittsburgh just won (similarly to Carolina back in 2006). The Kings are successful with a modified net-out approach, as they have Quick, but they also surrounded him with solid d-men and terrific forward depth. I feel like it should be build from the blue line and up (D-F-G), as d-men are harder to obtain, but once you have them you can build start plugging in some solid forwards. Then when the team in front of the goalie is solid, you just need a competent goalie as the final, rather than the main, piece.
  14. Just hatched two 10K eggs. I got two good pokemon, but both with bad CP: 230+ (not entirely sure, but around there) Snorlax and a 76 Dratini.
  15. Damn, I totally thought you based your name off the game.