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  1. Exactly, it's the "big fish, small pond" scenario, but at least Ennis can still skate nicely, so Edmonton has another option for McD.
  2. That's a very nice contract, also makes the deal more worth it since it isn't a pure rental anymore.
  3. There is truth to this as you can end up with a Hossa trade where Esposito was a big piece and was a bust, or Kovalchuk trade where Cormier was a bust. But then there are trades like the Erat for Forsberg trade or the Rangers-Canadiens Gomez trade, where McDonagh went to the Rangers. It's a gamble from both sides, but I think the main thing from a buyer's point of view is to get your money's worth. It doesn't matter if you give up a prospect that becomes a solid player if the player you bought helped you win a Cup (or contributed to a longer playoff run). Trades for players like Brian Smolinski or Derek Roy were simply not worth it, since they didn't really help the team win, regardless of what it cost (which I think was a 2nd rounder, and a 2nd rounder plus Kevin Connauton respectively). From a seller view, you just need one big hit (or several smaller hits) for it to be worth it, since the player you are selling is unlikely to sign with you anyway (in the current off-season or the following off-season).
  4. Pettersson usually hits that, but it's okay, I'll take the miss in this game.
  5. Welp, two days into the weekend and both days I've been stood up. Once by a best friend who acted like we didn't have plans all week and didn't acknowledge it, and the other one who knows I love her... and now on Sunday I have to do the stuff I put off to be with people who didn't make the time for me I'd be lying if I said I wasn't really hurt by this.
  6. You have 3 options: 1) The right choice 2) The wrong choice 3) No choice The only bad choice is #3. #1 is what you want. #2 leads to growth and discovery, which will push you towards more correct choices in the future. I have to make a bunch of pretty big decisions in the near future, and I'm scared, but also excited. You can do this!!!! :D
  7. Predict the winner and the score - Bruins 4-3 Bonus question - Which Canuck scores first? Virtanen Bonus bonus question - Who scores the Game Winning Goal? Marchand.
  8. I'm going to need a video of this because I have to miss it all
  9. Guess he`s writing the next chapter of his life...goodbye for now Mr.King
  10. Remember, Luongo had a position lined up that required him to retire. Weber won`t retire unless he also gets a position where he needs to retire.