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  1. I don't know how much this will help you, but I went to daycare when I was 4ish after some bad babysitters...my experience was a great one. I still had kid drama (a kid said I was his friend one day, then the next day said we weren't), but I always felt safe and genuinely had a good time.
  2. I like my girls like I like my hockey players
  3. c00kies

    CFL Thread

    Well, the defense has been very good to start the year, even with some offensive hiccups. I'm still not convinced after the first 3 games, and would like to see us play against Calgary (with Bo in) to truly see where we are. The Bombers are great at finding ways to lose in the playoffs (if we get there), so it's hard to get overly excited
  4. Apparently he wants to work with Florida, but can't if he's on LTIR or something like that.
  5. Wow...at least be a bit realistic; there's no way they mentioned the Canucks
  6. He's a solid player, but I wouldn't consider him irreplaceable by any means, so if he wants more money, we'll have to decline to give the money to our core players. Depth players are important, but very few are irreplaceable, including Byfuglien and Ladd (who were important in Chicago's Cup run and were steady producers). Chicago gave Bickell a big contract (4M) after, and ended up regretting it and having to move him with Teravainen to the canes. I agree with your take of promoting from within to replace these players, as the bottom 6 is where your seasoned prospects should easily be able to fill in. That said, I'm happy to have him back on his current deal
  7. c00kies

    NHL 20 Thread

    Like this post so I'll check this site out when I'm not at work (where it's blocked lol)
  8. This is a bit drastic; they still have their core and sometimes promoting players within helps.
  9. Great trade for Toronto! Don't like this deal for the Avs, as Kadri has been crossing the line and I think they could have had a better option without losing Barrie here (which they could have dealt for a 1st at the deadline if they wanted to).
  10. That's a lot of money to put into a goalie; Florida might have to build around him.
  11. Yesss!!!!! Jk, I don't know much about him :p
  12. Partial replacement, still ways to go with all Columbus has lost today.
  13. Gotta think it's 9M+. Nobody surprised by this lol.
  14. I think it would be awesome if every rumour turned out wrong