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  1. CDC Create a Player V2

    Crazy Horse is coming for you!
  2. CDC Create a Player V2

    Isn't "ok" Finnish for "ecstatic"?
  3. NFL thread

    Yikes! I feel like coaches get intimidated by the Patriots and make nervous plays. Here Seattle management overthought the situation (they think we're gonna run, so we're gonna try to outthink the Pats and score), and the Falcons did something similar when they called a passing play that led to a sack to take them out of field goal range (which could have sealed the game). That's how you know the Pats are a dynasty; the other teams get nervous and do things out of character.
  4. CDC Create a Player V2

    Disappointed in Crazy's first season.
  5. CDC Create a Player V2

    Is Buffalo good yet? Lol
  6. CDC Create a Player V2

    No 1, 6, or 7 lol. How dare we let real players in the top 10
  7. CDC Create a Player V2

    Bit of regression, but not too bad.
  8. NHL 19 Thread

    Sounds like the beta. They'll probably put out a tuner set soon.
  9. CDC Create a Player V2

    Pretty good for a middle child
  10. Winnipeg Jets Leaked Third Jersey

    I think the jersey looks worse because of the shape of it, and everything looks disproportionate. The jersey is meh, but I think it will look better on a player than in this picture.
  11. CDC Create a Player V2

    First name: Crazy Last name: Horse Dob : (mm/dd) 09/05 Place of Birth: Nebraska Nationality: American Second Nationality (Optional) Primary Position: D Player Type (Pick One) Playmaker Secondary Position: D Height (cm): 185 Weight (Kg):84 Handedness: Right Jersey Number: 3 Junior Preference: (best in your opinion) Starting team: Role Offensive 13 Defensive 17 Points Available: 30/30 Staff Attributes Adaptability: 10 Ambition: 10 Determination: 15 Loyalty: 5 Pressure: 12 Professionalism: 9 Sportsmanship: 7 Temperment: 7 Points Available: 75/75 Technical Attributes Checking: 3 Deflections: 2 Deking: 8 Faceoffs: 1 Fighting: 1 Hitting: 5 Movement: 12 Passing: 15 Pokecheck: 12 Positioning: 15 Slapshot: 14 Stickhandling: 13 Wristshot: 14 Points Available: 115/115 Physical Attrbutes Acceleration: 10 Agility 8 Balance: 8 Fitness: 10 Speed: 10 Stamina: 10 Strength: 9 Points Available: 65 Mental Attributes Aggression: 2 Agitation: 4 Anticipation: 12 Bravery: 10 Consistency: 12 Creativity: 8 Decisions: 10 Dirtiness: 2 Flair: 5 Important Matches: 10 Leadership: 8 Morale: 10 Teamwork: 10 Versatility: 10 Workrate: 17 Points Available: 130/130 Pass Tendency 14 Points Available: 20
  12. If you could choose any former Canucks coach...

    Don't forget, he also had Smolinski after the TD in 06/07
  13. CDC Create a Player V2

    I'm in. I'll do this when I get home from work because it won't let me copy and paste the whole template (only lets me highlight a couple lines at a time).
  14. Quinn Hughes | D

    We already have Bo Horvat
  15. NFL thread

    Similar to the Falcons not running when in field goal position in the Superbowl; stupid play calling. Coaches can make a difference, and that's one that he'll have to take the loss for. The dropped INT also hurt.