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  1. [PGT] Winnipeg Jets at Vancouver Canucks | Nov. 19, 2018

    Wouldn't 28 be the max? I really like JV this year, and hope he can keep it up for the whole season. We really do lack defensemen that can jump into the play and control the play. Having a dangerous shot also helps open down low plays.
  2. NFL thread

    Correct. I understand being scared with one timeout left, but you can't coach scared. The game doesn't end with a failed challenge either, but I understand that it's easier to coach from a couch than in Seattle.
  3. Edmonton sure forked themselves for a spoon
  4. NFL thread

    Entertaining first half. Seahawks embarrassing themselves with all the false start penalties.
  5. NFL thread

    Yeah, I think the same thing tbh. I only knew him because he was gay, not because he was good. He didn't work in the CFL either.
  6. NFL thread

    If Tom Brady came out as gay 5 years ago, he still would have had a starting role on a team (likely the Pats). Sam just wasn't that great, and the reason he doesn't have an NFL career is because of a lack of skill.
  7. Feel a bit miffed to lose to the Rangers lol. We're really just missing that point presence on the blue line; I'd love to have Salo back there
  8. I don't feel good about this pull.
  9. We have no support entering the zone, so it's hard to keep possession.
  10. Interesting icing call lol.
  11. Very poor entries right now. I'd rather dump the puck than struggle at the blue line and lose the puck.
  12. Ugh, sloppy non-existent penalty.