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  1. I think it would have to be a one for one deal that meets our need, like the Ryan Johansen for Seth Jones deal. However, we also need wingers, so it's swapping one weakness for another.
  2. Can only protect one goalie, and both are eligible. The way around this is to have Markstrom be a pending UFA, where Seattle might not pick him because he might not sign with them (Vegas tried to pick a UFA and that player didn't sign). With this method, a goalie would have to be acquired that fits the bill, just like we did when we got Bachman for Vegas draft.
  3. Not a bad return for someone you knew wouldn't sign with your team. Good trade all-around, and Fox gets to play for the team he wants to.
  4. Consistency is the biggest difference.To be the best, you have to be more than a flash in the pan. McDavid and McCrosby have been consistent scorers, but Crosby showed that he can consistently perform in playoffs as well. With that being said, MacKinnon is probably the best at this current moment, but we'll see what round 2 has in store.
  5. Well, they would have to keep him for at least one year if they match it (as per rules), so he'd be stuck in T.O. for one more year.
  6. Well, we don't have Cory Schneider anymore, but Demko might work I don't think what we deal for #8 will be worth it though.
  7. Me too, and I'm not even that high on Myers. I'd rather trade or draft our dmen to be honest, maybe sign a veteran presence dman that can be a 6th or 7th damn for a year or two at a cheap deal.
  8. Vancouver would love to give him a one year deal to see if he can keep up his recent play for a full season. Markstrom could take the chance and prove he's the real deal and get 2M per year. I'm curious to see what Vancouver will do if Demko is exposed.
  9. Yeah, but a lot of teams did that last expansion draft, even we did with Bachman. It doesn't take much to get one either.
  10. Couldn't we give Marky a contract that makes him a UFA for Seattle? Then we could protect Demko and we'd just need to have another goalie that we can expose (need a non-UFA that fits the criteria).
  11. I'm surprised he hasn't had a Brent Sopel "break your back for a cracker" type injury yet.
  12. So two years at 8M? What will he fetch for a longer term deal? 4 years at 6.5? Players like term and consistency, so it would have to be a substantial amount of money to shorten the term, and even then there is no guarantee.
  13. I think Edler gets 5M. I also think Boeser gets 6M+. I don't dislike Granlund, but I think we are able to move on from him. I would like one of those guys at 4-5M (though Johansson is maybe a bit much for 5+), but you'll probably have to dedicate a longer term to them as well.
  14. Yeah, we were one year too early, as the Kings were arguably the better team going into each series despite being an 8 seed. Our 2011 team would have had a field day with those teams, especially the Devils. I feel like we would have been a whole lot healthier too had we been involved with those teams. It sucks Daniel came back too late, because it was a whole different series when he came back.
  15. Bertuzzi was my favorite player, but I still loved the trade. Funnily enough, there was a compilation video of Ovechkin scoring a bunch (to Aerosmith's "Dream on") where he scores on a desperate Luongo (giggity) and that video made my friend and I laugh really hard.