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  1. Yeah, I've been using their stream and it's so nice to hear knowledgeable commentators.
  2. Yes. Unless Tampa comes back and wins, then Markstrom will get the loss. The decision goes to the goalie that was out there for the GWG (lose 3-1, which ever goalie was out there for the 2nd goal against will get the loss).
  3. Miller just forgot he had dinner reservations, that's all.
  4. Yes, but the quality of the player exposed goes up due to limited protection slots, so instead of exposing a bottom 6 forward, you expose a top four d-man or top 6 forward.
  5. Potentially, but I'd assume less face value (despite more team value for the Avs). As the current deal stands, there's no way Colorado gives up a top 6 winger and an awesome d-prospect just getting warmed up for a top-9 forward and a slight upgrade on defense (mainly due to Tanev being a RHD).
  6. AHL is considered pro-league, so it counts towards draft eligibility. I'm actually not sure about European leagues though. Found this tidbit TheHockeyWriters: Unsigned draft picks, think college or European players mostly, are exempt from the expansion draft for two years from their draft year but no longer in Year 3, so teams will have to either rush to sign those guys or simply expose them in the expansion draft. Do any teams have unsigned picks currently eligible with this rule? Maybe teams would purposely have a prospect available to deter Las Vegas from their NHL roster player and to this prospect instead. I assume the biggest chance would be with a college player.
  7. I doubt Montreal thinks that short-term. They would have to expose two additional players if they acquire the Sedins for non-roster players. Makes no sense for Montreal.
  8. If we get Spooner, who do we expose in the draft?
  9. I don't think anyone would trade a high pick for Hansen because of the expansion draft, especially not a first rounder.
  10. Vermette is the best at faceoffs of current players, and Kesler is up there too. Surprised the Ducks don't do better with these two taking faceoffs.
  11. "Everybody's feeling bad." That perfectly summed this game up lol.
  12. Lol...terrible goal to give up...
  13. I have a Physiology exam in January and I'm just praying to get 40% on it lol.
  14. Part of it is that the Ducks are playing relatively simple now too and aren't getting much of a forecheck, which allows us to get the puck out and transition much easier.
  15. It's like they procrastinate and the deadline suddenly looms on them.