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  1. I miss the rivalries between CDC teams lol. It goes into your budget. I think you can push the square button to bring that up in one of the screens.
  2. I'd be pleasantly surprised if Hansen got a first rounder. The difference between Vermette and Hansen is that Vermette is a center and was traded two be on the second line. A contender will probably have hansen on their 3rd line, and I don't know if teams will go crazy for him.
  3. Wait until the off-season when other coaches might be available and we tank Seriously though, we might as well stick with WD until the end of this season. There aren't even any great replacements readily available.
  4. I think with Gudbranson it gets interesting. He was 3rd overall and I would say he hasn't lived up to those expectations, though still fairly early on in his career. However, I wouldn't consider him a bust, even if he doesn't progress much further.
  5. The Jets did it through a few drafts though, so it would take a few years to catch up in that department, though Comrie is their only real goalie prospect. P.S. don't eat me.
  6. DOS: Sven Baertschi has been suspended 10 games for embellishing an unexpected hit to the hit.
  7. I always find the AFC so boring because there are usually 2 teams above the rest, and there aren't enough upsets to dethrone those teams. In the NFC, the great teams are more clustered together, so you don't know who will come out of the NFC.
  8. Nintendo's marketing plan always leads to great short-term success, but it's the long-term that is questioned after the novelty fades. I agree with you on exclusives, but some people will get a console just for one game (and get other games after, but mainly for the one game). If this thing had NHL on it that would be fun to play on the road.
  9. And this is why there are evaluations by professionals over time that decide if a person can be a fit or risk for society. Judging by the comments, people make it seem like it is nothing to get back into society, but there are steps that are followed, and a failure in any of them restarts the process.
  10. To be fair, with competent coaching the Falcons win the game after going up by 11 points. Inexperienced coaching cost the Falcons just as much as, if not more than, the inexperienced players.
  11. They should have run the ball while in field goal range is what I was saying. Instead they ran the play that led to the sack and it dominoed from there.
  12. Atlanta lost this game when they chose not to run in field goal range and go up by 11.
  13. yeah, especially due to the lack of third party games. Nintendo games are great, but it would be awesome to play a game like GTA 5 on the road or w/e.
  14. Yeah, Scrivens and Enroth did really well there too. It's a plug and play system for goalies