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  1. Miller-Linden-Bure (11) Hamhuis-Jovanovski (5) McLean (5) Thank you btw.
  2. Can someone post the values? I can't get twitter at my work
  3. c00kies

    what is,

    I remember playing pee-wee baseball when I was ~7. I was playing first base and instead of throwing the ball to the 2nd baseman (which I was being encouraged to do lol), I ran after the guy running bases. He beat me to 2nd, but Billy (I heard "run billy run") skipped 2nd and started rounding the base, I tagged him on his attempt to touch 2nd base. I remember this play because of how ridiculous it was.
  4. I appreciate that Well, she's self-isolating hard because her parents are both immune compromised. She doesn't have a mailbox, so I was gonna drop it on her front step, message her, see the door open, and leave.
  5. So I'm dropping my ex's meds off sometime soon, which will probably be the last interaction (though we won't really see each other) I have with her. I'm not sure I'll ever feel love that way again, especially since she was almost obsessed with me, and I didn't have to wonder if she loved me or not. She now has a new boyfriend after pushing me aside (she was feeling better and didn't want to kill herself for the first time in a long time), so I feel like a stepping stone. I'm not sure if that kind of connection will be possible, but I'm scared that I'll be single for life because I forgot how to date (I've been on 2 since, but neither was great).
  6. Chris Higgins has left the chat.
  7. Nominate Quinn Hughes. 6X Norris Trophy winner 3 time Cup champion Had a 100 point season Or are we not allowed to vote on futures
  8. I get grossed out when people do that in public
  9. Honestly, 2012 would have probably been as close to a cake walk as you could get. The Devils in the finals, a lot of the contenders knocked out early. Coyotes in the WCF... the Kings had a great path despite being the 8th seed, and I truly think the Canucks would have had a Cup if it was the 2011 team.
  10. c00kies

    NFL thread

    Nick Foles is a Bear, which is a great fit for him because he has two familiar faces from his successful time in Philly with him. I think he'll succeed in whatever role there.
  11. c00kies

    NHL 20 Thread

    I believe you can, but I don't own this year's edition, so I can't guarantee it. Also, has there been an update with the Corona virus in it? Maybe Suspend a Season will be a game mode for 2021
  12. To be fair, one of mine was an ex. It seems she has totally moved on now (we had tentative plans to reconvene after her trips, but that has changed since she seemingly is with someone else).
  13. That goalie has happy feet, which is why the puck went under him lol.
  14. I don't want to pin this just on Demko. Pettersson has been pretty bad down the stretch, and I feel like he'll need a big night to break out of his slump.