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  1. If we get Spooner, who do we expose in the draft?
  2. I don't think anyone would trade a high pick for Hansen because of the expansion draft, especially not a first rounder.
  3. Vermette is the best at faceoffs of current players, and Kesler is up there too. Surprised the Ducks don't do better with these two taking faceoffs.
  4. "Everybody's feeling bad." That perfectly summed this game up lol.
  5. Lol...terrible goal to give up...
  6. I have a Physiology exam in January and I'm just praying to get 40% on it lol.
  7. Part of it is that the Ducks are playing relatively simple now too and aren't getting much of a forecheck, which allows us to get the puck out and transition much easier.
  8. It's like they procrastinate and the deadline suddenly looms on them.
  9. Was that Holiday?!?!
  10. They need to just unload one timers at the point, create rebounds or something. So much of the PP is wasted with Henrik just holding the puck looking for something that isn't there.
  11. Doesn't count if it's in the kitty pool, sorry.
  12. I'd say we still lack an identity. There's a mystery of what the core of this team is.
  13. I'm sure you can down a lot of Jack
  14. John Garrett with the sly jinx attempt on Gibson lol.