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  1. I didn't even bother getting it for PS4. I don't know how anyone could be excited for it this time around. I find it a bit insulting tbh.
  2. c00kies

    NFL thread

    So is it just the name changing? Or is it the whole identity/logo too?
  3. Kesler was a 3rd line center for a lot of his career, but when he got the chance, he was able to be a responsible two-way 2nd line center (with less than stellar wingers). Gaudette can have a similar path if he keeps developing defensively and being a big pain in the butt to play against, while chipping away offensively (I think he's already ahead of Kesler in that regard).
  4. c00kies

    NFL thread

    Honestly, even a system like the one the Eagles used with Foles should be good enough for Newton. The Eagles had capable receivers, but not really any stars, and that's similar to what the Pats have.
  5. c00kies

    Coach Green

    Well it's a good thing Benning isn't our coach then
  6. Would the Sedins have won a cup if they were traded to Florida for Olli Jokinen?

    1. NewbieCanuckFan


      This never gets old....




    2. Squamfan


      lol what, was this an actually rumor

    3. c00kies


      It was rumoured back when the Sedins were just starting to take over as the leaders of the team, though I do wonder how everything would have panned out had this happened. I think Jokinen was a case of "big fish, small pond" in Florida.

  7. I say no because of chemistry. Pettersson is a great fit on this team, and there's no guarantee PLD is going to come here and fit the #1 role. It is very tempting because we get 2 elite d-men on our team, but I get Nashville vibes from that sort of team.
  8. 5 vs 12 Edmonton Oilers (5) vs. Chicago Blackhawks (12) Hawks in 5 (McD and Hasselhoff win 2 games, but not enough) Pittsburgh Penguins (5) vs. Montreal Canadiens (12) Pens in 4 6 vs 11 Nashville Predators (6) vs. Arizona Coyotes (11) Preds in 4 Carolina Hurricanes (6) vs. New York Rangers (11) Rangers in 5 7 vs 10 Vancouver Canucks (7) vs. Minnesota Wild (10) Canucks in 5 (lose game 1, win 2 and 3, then win game 5) New York Islanders (7) vs. Florida Panthers (10) Islanders in 4 8 vs 9 Calgary Flames (8) vs. Winnipeg Jets (9) Jets in 5 Toronto Maple Leafs (8) vs. Columbus Blue Jackets (9) Leafs in 5
  9. c00kies

    NFL thread

    Only a few stand out to me. The Seattle recovery against Green Bay in the playoffs (Chris Matthews recovered it I believe). Then there was a game where the Falcons or Cardinals (I can't remember lol) recovered 3 onside kicks (2 officially, as one was brought back by penalty, which they recovered on the ensuing kick). I do like that special teams is a bit more special with the onside kick, whereas the suggested idea is just like another down, and the idea of penalties being on that play can make it even easier, which I don't think should be the case (football is about possession, and essentially stealing a possession should be difficult). Maybe make the kicker have to be QB for the play
  10. Great paw save!!! I think he got that one with his toe bean!!!
  11. Maybe some bigot who was cut earlier by Washington You can have him and his team being the villain haha.
  12. c00kies

    NBA Discussion

    I think with the evolution of sports, it's hard to compare these two. Comparatively, MJ was much better than his competition, whereas LBJ is better than his competition, but it's a lot closer. The growth of sports has led to even the lower-end players being much better and the gaps between skill that much smaller. So MJ stood out by being well ahead of the other players (Think Gretzky for hockey), but their dominance would not be the same today considering the overall talent increase. To put it into numbers (very arbitrary); MJ might have been a 95, but his competition was 70s, whereas LBJ is a 90, but competition is in the 80s. As for who is better? It is also arbitrary, as MJ is the more natural shooter, but LBJ has that drive and physically wills points on the board. If there was one last shot to win a game, I would want the ball in MJ's hands.
  13. c00kies

    NFL thread

    Future cowboys :p
  14. TBH, I would take Cooke over Hansen, if only for the grit and big playoff goals Cooke scored, whereas Hansen was only more of a speedy defensive player (which is still fine).