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  1. The sad part is, I feel like death is viewed as an accepted risk of stunt work. There are quite a few cases of stuntpersons dying during their work, such as in Harry Potter and the XXX (not porn) movie, so this is unfortunately nothing new. R.I.P.
  2. I'm disappointed, but expected this from the Eagles. I feel Matthews was due for a fairly big season, and would be great insurance for when (not if) our receivers go down. Would have been a nice option for the slot, especially if Agholor doesn't pan out. Nice to get help for our secondary though, we really need it. Darby seems to do well in Man coverage, which will be great when we blitz
  3. Didn't he get a hatty that game too?
  4. I don't think Brock is eligible for Olympics because he still has an NHL contract.
  5. Bingo. If I had to pick a positive, it's that I don't smell like sausage.
  6. Sturm played like 18 games with us and I don't even think he scored a goal lol. Edit: Way off lol. 6 games, -5 with 2PIMs. No points.
  7. I thought the NHL 17 beta gameplay was really good, especially compared to the actual final product :/
  8. German and Ukrainian.
  9. Two TDs in the last 41 seconds with a great onside kick... Yes, that was nuts!!!
  10. This for me. I don't care if they mince my body to put me in big macs, I just don't want to be a burden when I'm gone (I've been enough of one while alive ) Funerals are serious money grabs, and it really is unfortunate that people get taken advantage of when they are vulnerable.
  11. TBF, NHL 17 was a couple steps forward, but EA has been so far behind that a couple steps makes little difference.
  12. I think it shows just how strong he was for holding out for as long as he did, likely for his kids. It also shows how low of a place he was in, as he couldn't hold on anymore, even for his kids
  13. Linkin Park's music helped many people through their roughest times, and will continue to do so. Many thank yous go out to Chester and LP. R.I.P., you are back with Chris
  14. As a Bomber fan, I'm nervous heading into this game, especially since our offense has been kind of meh this year. The defense is a lot like last year's; cause turnovers, but will give up yards and points.
  15. And they have relatively short careers too. Obviously some play for a long time, but that's the exception to the rule.