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  1. Salary Cap could be going down next year.

    Well, things should escalate rather quickly...just make sure it's not like elevators or you'll arrive too soon.
  2. Salary Cap could be going down next year.

    It's Valentine's day; if you go up, she should go down
  3. Yes, there's a risk that the player that didn't drop the gloves could get jumped and hurt by the player that did drop the gloves.
  4. It's always a penalty It can be considered a roughing penalty.
  5. Mike Yeo fired by Wild

    This is going back years, as the Wild always seem to have really bad stretches (although they have been able to combat them with good winning streaks). Many people felt that there was never a chance to win the Cup with him as HC, and they have a pretty strong roster not to get past the 2nd round.
  6. GINO GINO GINO!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. [PGT]Canucks 3 vs Avalanche 1

    It's the moms...nobody wants to play like $&!# in front of them
  8. Burrows has struggled with the puck all game.
  9. I hate to be this guy, but does anyone else feel that Tanev misread the chance on Calgary's goal? I know he wasn't the only one at fault, but he seemed confused on where the threat was.
  10. Willie on Hammer, Weber, Virtanen, and scoring

    We can't place them in Utica.
  11. To be fair, you were the one that speculated off his comments. His comments did not directly portray the message that you inferred from his comments. With that said, there is some legitimacy since Hamhuis was the source of the inference.