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  1. Henrik will retire, but Daniel will be back next season. You heard it here first.

    1. Nuxfanabroad


      IF they call him "Sedinsy" & he suddenly dons #32, my breaking scoop Might eclipse this version! ..(just sayin')

    2. -AJ-


      If I was a betting man, I'd bet $1000 against that. I could never see them separating after over 20 years of playing together.

  2. confessions

    Oh damn, congrats on 6 years, that's definitely committed! I guess I see the "what if", but trust me when I say you are not missing much, as dating is like being unemployed and looking for work The "we need vegetables" isn't necessarily bad either, as that's what a lot of life is, but there does need to be more than just that
  3. I think it is normal since it doesn't affect the salary cap.
  4. confessions

    I think my ex had/has this issue. Two things: 1) Maybe you aren't ready for a relationship. 2) You are getting into the "comfy" phase, where you've done all/ a lot of the fun things you do initially. Instead of "ooh I'm going to a movie with this cute guy" it becomes "we need vegetables, let's go to the store" I think people are right when they say that you just need to spice it up a bit. As long as you still look forward to seeing him, I think you are fine.
  5. Cheesy Joke Thread

    Did you hear about the doctor who was in a hurry? He lost all his patients.
  6. Tyler Motte

    It's okay, it was a Moote point anyway
  7. I'd probably want another true winger, as we only have four on that roster. Also not a whole lot of instant chemistry that we've seen in previous teams, as Barzal and Tavares seem like the only combo (and Tavares might be gone after this season too). Love the goaltending options!
  8. Next Year's Line Up?

    Not sure if this has been addressed yet, but you don't get players off waivers for half-off. In the old CBA, players on re-entry waivers from the AHL to the NHL would be half off, but there are no more re-entry waivers.
  9. Must be a good fit; I think there's a good mix of talent and speed for it to work. Not sure if we'd have the proper mix here.
  10. Totally forgot about this trade lol. Just looked at hockeydb and see he has 5 points in 3 games...who is he playing with?
  11. (Proposal) VAN - NYI + VAN - MIN

    I like the Granlund deal tbh; we need room in our lineup and he is replaceable.
  12. canucks real problem

    Let's what? And our biggest issue is still the defense. We need more offense from the defense, as well as better mobility and puck movement. This will help our offense, but also help the defense (fewer turnovers, less cheating for offense, etc...).
  13. Things that annoy you.

  14. NFL thread

    Oh damn. I guess there would be more PI to prevent big catches if caught out of position. I'd be interested to see how that plays out.
  15. NFL thread

    What kind of changes to PI?