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  1. They are saying he was touched and down before the ball crossed the plane.
  2. Congratulations
  3. Eagles win with a last second 61 yard field goal...longest in team history.
  4. Giants stuffed at the half yard line to end the half...
  5. Now your username makes sense
  6. Nope, rest day for him. And same for Demko
  7. What games did you used to play and enjoy?
  8. Virtanen has been great. His great backcheck prevented a goal and later led to Rodin's goal
  9. I agree. Even Hamhuis was able to move the puck efficiently and pick up points that way. I only like the safe play when there is no other play possible or when shorthanded.
  10. I think they need to stop with the dodge-ball practices
  11. Getting a promotion from Bettman if they keep this up during the regular season.
  12. That wasn't a whistle concert, you just entered the room
  13. Weren't they one of the teams holding auditions for an emergency goalie?