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  1. Virtanen has been great. His great backcheck prevented a goal and later led to Rodin's goal
  2. I agree. Even Hamhuis was able to move the puck efficiently and pick up points that way. I only like the safe play when there is no other play possible or when shorthanded.
  3. I think they need to stop with the dodge-ball practices
  4. Getting a promotion from Bettman if they keep this up during the regular season.
  5. That wasn't a whistle concert, you just entered the room
  6. Weren't they one of the teams holding auditions for an emergency goalie?
  7. I still remember that stupid text-based multiple choice crap they had in BAP a few years ago...that was a disaster.
  8. It can signify hope for the future...or it can signify a course with 18 holes
  9. For free agents, in NHL 17, there would be good free agents for the first few years, but in year 15 or so it dries up a lot, aside from free prospects
  10. Yeah, it's pretty bad when you have to try to make the game realistic by thinking from the other GMs POV.
  11. Are the offers for the same player? Maybe you have someone on the block. I felt there were too many prospects that panned out in NHL 17 (like way too many), so I guess they tried to help that a bit. The ratings are still bad. They need a much broader range (something the 2K series always did well). Part of the problem with free agency is that the cap always goes up and negotiating is way too easy and robotic, allowing teams to keep their rosters practically intact. I don't have a whole lot of time to play games, so I don't mind skipping this year.
  12. You should be able to. Not sure where it is in NHL 18, but it was a hassle to find in NHL 17.
  13. I always hated Mark Stuart lol. Edit: The player, not the person.
  14. Yeah, it's fricken ridiculous. It doesn't even look like a short term injury either. At least the Eagles won today. Agholor looked great Wentz had some really good plays, but his throws were definitely off and probably left points off the board. E-A-G-L-E-S