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  1. NFL thread

    I could see the desire for a Vikings Patriots matchup. You have the good guys versus the bad guys, it would make for a good story haha. That said, I'm not reading too much into this whole situation, and will just enjoy the ride
  2. confessions

    My sister and her BF are just staying common law. Neither one of them cares about a wedding and they'd rather use the money towards their house, cars, etc... I think that's a wise choice.
  3. NFL thread

    Apparently they made one for each possible matchup lol.
  4. Arm chair trade (Proposal)

    We're nowhere ready.
  5. I'd like to play this game with people: http://www.transformice.com/

    1. J-23


      I just played it, and wrecked.

    2. c00kies


      Haha I suck at the game. I don't know how to make my own room anymore lol.

    3. J-23


      I just played as a guest and joined a random room. I pick up on stuff fast, so the game was easy 4 me, plus my chat was funny af.

  6. Creating a Story 1 word at a time

  7. I don't think Baertschi gets you two 2nds, especially since he hasn't been able to play a whole lot this year.
  8. Canucks leaders

    Even with how well Thomas played, I think the Bruins could have won with almost any other goalie. Luongo was arguably more impactful in this series than Thomas, since he had to steal games to win, whereas Thomas just had to not $&!# the bed (game 7 was the closest win for the Bruins). The Canucks just didn't get enough offense, especially from the twins.
  9. What is your team and your role?

    Oilers goon
  10. Too bad there's no "Bishop" on the market this year. I don't really know any goalie that could go in and be a solid option for them, so best to just stick it out for this year.
  11. Martin isn't the greatest skater either. He doesn't interest me at all.
  12. (Proposal) VAN-WPG

    I'm not sure there is really a fit for the Sedins in Winnipeg. The Jets have a solid group of forwards throughout the lineup, and their main need would be another d-man. The Sedins also play a different style than the speed and grit that the Jets have utilized.
  13. The Official European Football (Soccer) Thread

    It seems like Messi was the favored one a few years ago, but Ronaldo has taken over. I don't see either of them play a lot because I'm more focused on the Bundesliga lol.
  14. No interest. He was solid for us, but his role can be filled from within and I'd rather give a prospect a chance for that spot.
  15. Eriksson might waive for a chance at a fresh start, though Detroit is a bigger mess Vancouver at this point. I feel like Detroit would rather try to retain cap and offload one of their overpriced guys (they have many lol), rather than swap for another one. Holland is a weird guy though, so you never know.