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  1. It has view of the ice.. From Rogers Arena IG:
  2. @Lonny Bohonos Nice portrait shots. I would love to go to Indonesia someday! I have the Gitzo traveler tripod as well, it's so light and sturdy! It's my to-go tripod now for sure! My trip to Banff last summer: Click Here to see the whole set.
  3. Finally got the chance to upload all my photos to Flickr from my recent trip to Cambodia and Thailand a few months ago... Thailand: Cambodia:
  4. Here's some of my photos from my Nov. 2010 trek to Gokyo and Everest Base Camp in Nepal. Summit of Kala Patthar by nucksfan604, on Flickr View from Cho La Pass by nucksfan604, on Flickr Kala Patthar and Pumori by nucksfan604, on Flickr Nepali Porter by nucksfan604, on Flickr You can view the rest of the photos here:
  5. Check out my photos here: Add me to your contact list too if you have a Flickr account
  6. Anyone going to EBGames midnight launch? I will
  8. I can't wait for this game! I'm still addicted to COD4 LOL.