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  1. Burrows? Do We Really Need Him?

    Pfff.. Burrows rocks, it'd be a cryin shame to see Burrows go. He plays hard every night, sure he might end up on the ice once in a while, but he's definitely putting his fair share of opponents bodies there too. Not to mention that when he's out there the other team takes notice. PK? Ya he kicks as s! perfect opportunity for a couple of the top line guys get a breather while he runs amok on the other team's PP. Krog? not bad but I have a tough time (so far) replacing Burrows with Krog - not to dis Krog he's great in the faceoff circle and has a good pass I just haven't seen enough of him play to say Wow! - yet. Brown? meh Pettinger? rather see hodgson or hansen or raymond or wellwood As for letting her rip - rip away the 10 mil offer to Mr Can't Make Up His Mind and let's get on with it. Other teams that are "in the hunt" for Mr CMUHM (lol soooo close to chump!) are starting to see the eye rolling, wait till the new year, ho-hum, drag it out as long as possible waiting game. Yaaaawwwn. We can do so much better by saying, "Fine, have a great time playing poker, but we're going to find us a hockey player!!" Anybody else smell that?? It smells soooo goood!! I wont 'bless it', but I am STOKED about our team. Make it a year to remember boys. I'll keep the beer cold.