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  1. Hello MegaNazzyfan19 how u doin.:)

  2. i'm back on the boards loll

  3. Hey Johnson! Great first blog, glad your the newest blogger! looking forward to hear from you throughout the season! Can't wait til you come back, awesome your practicing with the team now. good luck to you for the rest of the Season! Your one brave man, blocking all those shots. Were lucky to have a guy like you on our team!
  4. Hey Mathieu, Great blog! thanks for sharing, nice seeing you playing. Congrats on your 1st goal as a Canuck & your 100th pp goal!Good luck to you this season and the rest of the road trip.
  5. Hey May! What You Up To? Me Not Much Just Check This Out Well Im Out Later.

  6. Hey lol cool, i was wondering when you were going to come back on here.

    nothin much just waiting for the game tonight! ttyl

  7. Hey Curtis! Great game last night! your mask looks good. Nice to hear you had fun at the golf tourny, the pics look good
  8. Hey Darcy! Great blog! I bet it was exciting in Whistler it's so beautiful there. Goodluck this week, can't wait to see you play GO CANUCKS GO!!!! Megan
  9. Hey Cory! Must be pretty fun rooming with Roberto and nice to know he's a great roomate Glad to hear you guys are enjoying whistler! Goodluck tomorrow Thanks for the blog , they are always fun to read. Can't wait til Monday. GO CANUCKS GO!!! Megan
  10. Hey Curtis! Nice first blog and welcome back with the Canucks! Nice to know you will be blogging this year. Must be exciting with your son just starting school Your mask looks good. Goodluck this season Megan
  11. Hey Darcy! Welcome to the Canucks, Can't wait to see you in a canucks uni and your first fight as a Canuck! Congrats to you and your wife, pretty exciting Glad you like Vancouver. Goodluck this Season! Thanks for the blog, it was fun to read. GO CANUCKS GO!!!! Megan
  12. Hey Cory! Great game last night! Thanks for the blogs this week Good luck and can't wait to see you play with the Canucks! Megan
  13. Hey Cory! Goodluck vs Calgary and Edmonton! Kanye West is pretty good, i like him too. Megan