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  1. Blackhawks Roster Moves IR Placement: The Blackhawks places D Fredrik Cleasson on the Injured Reserve IR Activation: The Blackhawks activates D Brandon Davidson from the Injured Reserve and place him onto the Active Roster
  2. Waiting for Josh Gorges being placed on IR IRL. Tough setbacks on our Defence Lately. But it seems that Brandon Davidson will return soon. While Hoffman, Ehlers and Atkinson keep on Scoring, we are still worried about struggling Top 6 Forwards Jussi Jokinen and Mathieu Perreault. Jussi now has 1 Goal and 4 Points in 15 Games and Mathieu has 1 Goal and 3 Points in 14 Games. Even both Players missed some Games due Injuries, all in all its a poor outing so far. The Blues hopes that both Players will move up in the Next weeks. Every slump ends at some point ..or? So we are glad that Waivers Claim Cris Vandevelde (5 Goals , 4 Assists) and Tim Schaller (4 Goals and 4 Assist) add some secondary Scoring. Also Michael Raffl came out of his slump and has 5 Goals and 7 Points in 18 Games now. Kevin Fiala with 3 Goals in the past 3 Games makes us confident that he is close to become a consistent Scorer. Lauri Korpikoski totally dropped scoring though. Also Brandon Manning doesnt brings up such Numbers like in October at the Moment but all in all we are fine with our Defence Scoring compared to last Season. Steve Mason is Hot at the Moment and we hope he can keep it up in the next Weeks. Because of Business i still wasnt able to bring up a Team Report , hope i can get things done before X-Mas.
  3. ouch
  4. lol ...frolik no scorerpoints at 8 goals tonight ....thats a bit frustrating
  5. not so nice debut for coreau ...well he faced the champion
  6. great start into the saturday gameday so far mason another win raffl, vandevelde and skjei with assist , fiala 2 goals and still in action
  7. Jared Coreau will make his NHL Debut Tonight ....good luck
  8. nice pickup @Primal Optimist i thought about to place a claim but i was not sure about my cap and roster situation later i saw that gorges is injured but time for boro runned out i tried korbinian i do really like mark..well i signed him first in this league and i was like after i dealt him hope you have some luck with him
  9. Lucky you ....
  10. Johnson with another win. His value is rising up. ...
  11. Quenneville with 2 pims in his NHL Debut Gaborik with 2 Assists in 3 Games now mason solid, topline scores , thats important only jussi jokinen hasnt found his scoringtouch so far
  12. Cleasson played and got injured Connauton scratched most of time and no timetable for the return of brandon davidson. pirri , cracknell and clutterbuck in a slump ..but the rest of the team works fine damn that i missed those points from vermin though ...the playoffs are not out of sight
  13. Damn time difference
  14. Vermin With 2 assists last night. Not sure if they will count?
  15. wuaaaaaaaaaaaat ?