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  1. not sure if michalek could be a threat for them ..but i guess he needs 1-2 more seasons in the AHL to develope well ...a helluva combo
  2. i m sure stalock or svedberg are in the mix for the wild kinkaid also for new jersey ..or? hutchinson will be tough with mason and helleybuck in front of him georgiev ..maybe not this season ..but you ll never know i ll see if Berube is able to earn the Backup Spot in Chicago . he´s a good goalie but he just played to less games in the past 2 years since he was allways no. 3 in long island . anyways...i have to watchout for a backup during the season if he doesn´s make it
  3. a nice goalie depth you have there now
  4. epic rabbit ever love monty python
  5. CDCGML St.Louis Blues Front Office Budget 2017/18 The Blues will keep the Budget from 2016/17: Minors Budget : $ 23,0 Million Training/Medical: $ 15,0 Million Player Relations: $ 7,0 Million Player Development : $ 0 Million Total : $ 45,0 Million
  6. Blues News : The St. Louis Blues have decided to return their Minors Team to Greenville next Season. So the Blues will avoid the possibly Scenario sharing the Affiliate in Chicago with the Las Vegas Knights. Even we didn´t liked when the Road Warriors changed their names to Swamp Rabbits , we became familar with the New Name in the past Weeks. So the Blues announce their new Minors Affiliate from beginning of the 2017/18 Season ...the Greenville Swamp Rabbits.
  7. mmhh seems Nichushkin will stay for one more year in Russia. He would have been a nice addition next Season but for now the Hawks have to hope that some Prospects like Forsbacka-Karlsson will crack the Roster . Valeri is signed thru 18/19 so we are not worried about to lose him in next Years Free Agency . We stay confident
  8. lol ...last Season it was Gaborik who fractured his foot during the Worldcup of Hockey now wingels in the Off Season we are hopefull that he will be ready when the Season starts though
  9. One more question answered in St.Louis ...Marek Mazanec stays with the PREDS for one more Year IRL Even he will be the clear No. 3 or No.4? there ...he will be a nice depth addition for next Season.
  10. It was quiet around the Blues Front Office in the past Days but with some signings lately we´ll announce a Roster Update soon and hte Front Office Budget too. We are kinda done with signing Players for now , maybe we are looking for one more Defence Prospect . The Blues will be more active again if we have news around Mazanec (maybe signs in Europe) and Nick Magyar (it seems he has retired from Hockey but i cant find a useable source) Further we´ll leave some room for Players like Parsons and Kyrou ....and maybe Pettersson
  11. Bomba sends a welcome and best wishes to @Chael P. Sonnen from the "Bunker"
  12. um ?
  13. Bern is the Capital City of Switzerland
  14. solid signing for the sabres
  15. The Blues are very pleased that Nelson chosed to sign with our Club. He will give us more Depth on the Defence since Matt Greene was bought out (still not confirmed from the league @theminister) and Joey Laleggia will probably turn into a Fulltime Forward . Further Nelson allready has some NHL Experience with 10 Played Games last Season. A Team Update will be posted in the next Days.