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  1. Tank you my friend Well the shooter of munich is confirmed that there was no political or religious Background. But 2 or 3 more Attacks from Single Persons yesterday. 2 were confirmed refugees from syria. Maybe One With auf islamist Background. I ll Post the sources later maybe. I guess thats just the beginning in Germany
  2. yes ..this are tough times ...had to move boychuk and marleau to avoid cap trouble i still hope i ll find a trade partner for sergei bobrovsky
  3. he´s a good player . there are rumours that grabovski will have some issues to make the nhl roster next season..just read some stuff about it ...andrew would be a great replacement..if htere will be trouble with the cap room ...we wil lsolve it untill the season starts
  4. The Blackhawks places a Waivers claim on Andrew Cogliano
  5. translated with google
  6. it seems he was totally into this amok thing. i guess he was just impressed with what breivik did and not why breivik did it. he also had books about other shootings ( the shooting of winneden for an example) and it seems that he had mental issues (depressions...) so i dont see any political background on this shooting ..he just wanted to kill people we will know more in the next days though
  7. German Police confirms 3 attackers Sorry german source
  8. The hebdo attackers were also no suicide style attackers for an example. So that would be Nothing new.
  9. Retard....Maybe?
  10. No Informations About the shooters Yet. If it IS a terrorist Attack.... as German i have to say... Well done miss merkel. Rightwing movements like pegida warned the society about such things. ..sadly. but lets wait for more Informations before judge anyone.
  11. Just one of a few nucks Players with a positive +/- statistic last season Should mean something. I Know its a nonsense statistic for most of the People But i remember People bashing ehrhoff for his Bad +/- in the playoffs even He was one of the reasons That the Team had this fantastic season.
  12. It seems the offseason is just to long for some People. And 2 More month to go till pre-season Starts. I really hope no one turns into a serial Killer in this time Span.
  13. But healthy He is probably able to add more than 12 Points per season.
  14. i have probably 10 Defenders who will be on a NHL Roster when the Season Starts. Only Problem ...not really a offensive Minded Defender . Gryba , Bartkowski and Manning are still unsigned IRL. i have some hope that sbisa and bartkowski will solve that scoring issue a little bit,. or maybe skjei could have an impact? Further what happens to Greene in LA? Sbisa- Gorges Bartkowski - Gryba Chiarot - Greene Manning - Davidson Skjei - Helgeson _______________ Laleggia - Siebenaler Martin - Dermott Leduc
  15. rangers win imo the 2nd for the rangers and the 7th for ott looks odd to me