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  1. um ...who claimed cogliano now?
  2. The Blues are really excited to add Goalie Jared Coreau to our Organisation . He will give us some more secure on the Goalie Section and he´s probably he great option for the Future. Even it seems we threw out alot of money for the next 2 Years we are confident that Jared is worth it. Now we are finished with signings on the Goalie Position and also close to finish the Roster for the next Season. One more Forward for the Minors and also a Defender are on our agenda for now. St.Louis Goalie Depth Blues Steve Mason Darcy Kuemper Wolves Jared Coreau Jason Kasdorf Adam Vay Unsigned Tyler Parsons
  3. please hockey god ...let october come ...FAST
  4. seriously ...what happend to you man? so many negative waves ....
  5. August is allready knocking on our Doors. ..2 month will running fast
  6. thank you sir lol ...whats that
  7. do we have the expansion draft rules here in the thread? missed that ....
  8. with brennan they have 9 defenders now ...wondering they move one or if provorov will play juniors another year
  9. now japan .... whats up with the people in this world? sad sad sad r.i.p. to the victims and prayers to their families
  10. yeah ..its kinda weird ..but maybe its just temporary
  11. there was a open air festival. .... security denied him to access if i got it rigth if he would have entered that area would have probably been a massacre.
  12. here is the other one from yesterday
  13. maybe they re will be all back when the nhl expansion team from las vegas will be inserted to the league. some teams will have open spots then
  14. i guess i should mean to replace conacher its translated with google