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  1. CDC Puck 2017/18

    Mr. Fischer is a great addition to our team so far
  2. CDCGML 2017-18

    jokinen claimed by the bluejackets IRL so he could be an option for the deadline ...even if its for a late pick ...3rd or 4th round
  3. it seems more and more that the hawks are sellers at the Deadline . a lot of players are in a slump and so we have lost ground to the the wildcard spots. well wait and see how the rest of january works for us and then we´ll announce a list of available players
  4. CDCGML 2017-18

    hello guys ... i ll respond to trade offers around the weekend. all our youngsters are not available in general even if they are on playoff bound teams..but we are listening to offers.
  5. [Signing] Golden Knights re-sign Jon Merrill

    now ...sbisa needs a new contract
  6. [Waivers] Jussi Jokinen

    it seemed he would fit to the kings roster for a while ..specially since gaborik returned hope a team grabs him ....
  7. CDC Puck 2017/18

    with franson in the minors , weegar and chiarot more like 7th d-men lately and merril injured ... i have exactly 2 fulltime nhl defenders :D
  8. CDCGML 2017-18

    jokinen on the waivers again it seemed he had some chemistry with gaborik for some time ...well it seemed wondering if another team grabs him
  9. Cranberries singer Dolores O'Riordan dies suddenly aged 46

    Rest in Peace
  10. CDC Puck 2017/18

    is that a pron movie?
  11. CDC Puck 2017/18

    lomberg re-called
  12. CDC Puck 2017/18

    thx sir
  13. CDC Puck 2017/18

    @Captain Azzy contract extension talks ...i thread per player or can we use one thread for multiple players?