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  1. Thats typical of him lol, Well you guys are looking good now up 3-2, and We are down 3-2. However I still believe and I have a feeling were gonna win tomorrow. Wings Canucks Round 3 woohooo

  2. Yeah, amazing how he totally ignored my reply and responded to everyone else's. Haha. What can you do? And yeah, I don't think I could handle a Wings/Canucks WCF. But for now, I'm more worried about beating the Ducks.

  3. Way to show Bromley!! oh and I find it cool that your a canuck fan from Michigan. I was wondering how that happend and then i clicked on ur profile and saw cause of HNIC. Cheers! Would love to face you guys next round!!

  4. I love this thread. woohoooooo Burr pots 2 tonight and ends the series
  5. He was being sarcastic
  6. Big Big goal just like all season long
  7. Long live this thread
  8. O ya ya ya. 4,353 posts, I have a lot of catching up to do.

  9. I Agree, look who was clutch tonight
  10. Yes we do. Works hard every night, stands up for team mates. And loves playing here.
  11. Great season, appreciated your effort this year. Have a great summer.
  12. it's coming down again folks.
  13. What are you talking about? sure you can borrow american history off me anytime just ask nicley