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  1. Thats typical of him lol, Well you guys are looking good now up 3-2, and We are down 3-2. However I still believe and I have a feeling were gonna win tomorrow. Wings Canucks Round 3 woohooo

  2. Yeah, amazing how he totally ignored my reply and responded to everyone else's. Haha. What can you do? And yeah, I don't think I could handle a Wings/Canucks WCF. But for now, I'm more worried about beating the Ducks.

  3. Way to show Bromley!! oh and I find it cool that your a canuck fan from Michigan. I was wondering how that happend and then i clicked on ur profile and saw cause of HNIC. Cheers! Would love to face you guys next round!!

  4. rsg4

    O ya ya ya. 4,353 posts, I have a lot of catching up to do.

  5. HSD19

    Hard to Say Goodbye - APR.10.08

    Great season, appreciated your effort this year. Have a great summer.
  6. HSD19

    What are you talking about? sure you can borrow american history off me anytime just ask nicley

  7. rsg4

    Where's my movie, jack?