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  1. My bro, sis and I are all in our 20s. I mainly just wanted to know if we can all watch with the fam jam.
  2. Okay, thanks dude!!
  3. Oh lord, would you happen to know what episode that is on? So I can have the remote in my hand and fast forward button as soon as that scene comes up . Usually IMDB has information on parental guide, but there is nothing on there. But I thought there is no way there's no scenes, its HBO!
  4. I want to watch this! But I have a question, is it a family friendly type show? Meaning is there any sexual scenes in it? Its HBO, so I'm assuming there is. But I couldn't find anything online. Can this show be watched with parents, brother and sister?
  5. Do you guys think 25 is too old to have a themed bedroom? I was thinking of a New York themed bedroom and I'm so confused if I'm too old. Yes or no? Themed bedroom at the age of 25, does it seem weird? 

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    2. Alflives


      Wow!  That would be awesome.  How cool would it be to sit on top the "Green Monster"?  (Not my mother-in-law, the wall). :lol:

    3. smithers joe

      smithers joe

      polo grounds for me...and shea. although yankee stadium would be great. see the house that ruth built, trace the movements mickey mantle and joe dimaggio made on the field. i was always a brooklyn dodger fan in the old ebbet's field stadium. great games between the 2 teams.. 

    4. Dazzle


      Glassjaw is just jelly. :)
      That is all.

  6. Has anyone watched the TV show, Supergirl? Is it worth getting into? 

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      i would be equally skeptical if it were called Superman or Superboy, to be honest. i've never seen a comic book tv show that wasn't complete ass in my very esteemed, difficult-to-please opinion

    3. Apricot


      @HerrDrFunk LOL, okay that is bad. Flash is killing it, I'm so excited for this new season. Arrow is still good, its very very close to sucking tho. I need more action and less Oliver/Felicity crap. I thoroughly enjoyed Neal Mcdonough as the villain last season. I'll give Jessica Jones a try! Thanks


      @GLASSJAW Hahahaha, Superboy. Okay now I can see where you're coming from. That sounds funny. Hahahaha, I don't know why that made me laugh so hard. 

    4. Ghostsof1915


      Can't wait for season 3. 



  7. Hello CDC, how are you?

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    2. -Vintage Canuck-

      -Vintage Canuck-

      Yep, also add in the Young Stars Tournament, as well as the pre-season games.

    3. Apricot


      Ahhhh, only a couple of more weeks Vintage. I can see it.

    4. Alflives


      Are you a teacher Apricot?  The kids would love the Big Pink Bunny thing:)


      As you know I have that giant map of Canada in my back yard.  So, I just got back from a cross country journey on my scooter.  I must say that Ontario - SUCKS.  Too many Leaf's fans:angry:

  8. Yeah, imma need hockey to come back right now. 

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    2. Apricot


      I'm watching the Olympics, and I'm seeing people get so excited over each sport. While I am excited too, my excitement goes off the chain during hockey. I miss going off the chain. So close, yet so far.

    3. debluvscanucks


      Gonna flip a table soon without hockey....



      I'm with ya

  9. I heard about this! Made me sad. No waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay this go on without Shemar and Thomas. Paget is only coming back for a couple of episodes I heard, not the entire season. I'm sad cause Thomas was a huge part of the show.
  10. The Canadian Men in the Olympics
  11. I know right . I've watched it at least 9 times already and my stomach hurts from laughing.
  12. LOL. Now that would be awesome
  13. Hahahahahaha, I might be able to get in with my connections
  14. I've met her once! She's a super cool person. My friend might get a picture with her and the medal. But I really enjoy that she put White Rock on the map by winning an Olympic medal