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  1. Kate McKinnon was by far the best part of the new Ghostbusters. 

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    2. Apricot


      Kate McKinnon was legit so funny. Her fight scene was pretty awesome too. Crushing on her a little to be honest. Omg Leslie Jones was hilarious too. Her Queens joke made me laugh so hard I started coughing. The way she delivered the line was just so good. Zach Woods is so adorable :wub:

    3. HerrDrFunk


      I thought Leslie Jones was the best out of all of them myself. Which is a real shame considering all the  messed up @!#$ she's had to put up with because of this movie.

    4. Apricot


      Omg that was so sad, I felt so bad for her! People can be so mean. She definitely didn't deserve that. Hell, no one deserves that. 

  2. Woah woah woah woah woah, rewind. Since when are you my favorite fruit? Just kidding ! Apricot would like to give her favorite fruit a big giant congratulations!!
  3. Sorry all, its been a bit of a weekend and I didn't even have time to breathe, let alone reply back here. So, first the bad news: She told me that she is depressed. She said she hasn't been happy for a while, and the depression kicked in recently. She said that she has her good days, with her fiance, and friends all around her. Its great. But then the bad days come, and they're REALLY bad. She just can't handle the day. She said that she has more good days than bad days, but just one bad day can ruin all the good days. I asked her when did she start feeling this way. She said recently, not so far back. Said her family is a majority part of it. Whenever the family starts with the jabs, she just thinks negatively towards everything. I asked her why she didn't tell me, she said that she was afraid. I asked her again if she's feeling suicidal. Her telling me she is depressed changed the convo we had on the phone before. I asked her if she thought about it once, if she's had any feeling. She said once. I gave her a hug right there and then. I told her that everything and everyone around her is great. Maybe not her family, but family is just a word. What you define family is what matters. Family doesn't have to mean related. Family is someone who is there 24/7, who love you no matter who you are, or what you've done, they're always with you when you need them. That is family, related or not related. If you have someone who does those things for you, then they're your family. And she has plenty of people like that in her life. She's like that's true, but that doesn't mean it doesn't hurt whenever they say these things, or whenever she see's them. I told her to screw em then, I said they're not family. At least my definition of family. I said if they're the majority reason that they're making you feel like this. Then you don't need them in your life. Doesn't matter how it makes you look if you never talk to them again, or never see them again. Just doesn't matter. The good news: I told her that she needs to see someone. I told her that I will always be there for her, anytime of the day. But I am in no way professional enough to help her get to 100%. But I will always be there for her for anything. If she has hit the bad days even after seeing help, I told her to call me and I'll be there for her. I told her that going to see a professional is nothing to be embarrassed about, and the day I got professional help was the best day of my life. It felt great to take that first step to get my life back to 100%. She said that she will see someone asap. I said that I can give her the number of the person I saw a while back, and she said no. She said she wanted to speak to someone new, which I understand. I took the day off tomorrow to help her find someone to go talk to and to take her there. I told her that one lesson isn't going to fix everything and it'll take a few more. But in the end she'll feel great. She has loved all the great things that I(you all) have been telling her the point of living is, and she thinks the same. But at the same time, she says she had to figure out her own reason as to why she thinks the point of living is. I told her that maybe she'll find out after her first session. The first one is always important.
  4. I have good news and bad news. But I just got home, we hung out right after I got off work and I'm about to pass out in one second. Been up since 5am. I'll let you guys know tomorrow! Thanks for asking Vintage, its really nice that you and other people are asking about the conversation between her and I.
  5. Is it bad that I still have nightmares about torts?


    Omg :lol::lol::lol::lol:

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    2. Western Red

      Western Red

      Fair enough, he had concussions and knee problems, both serious and probably not cool to joke about.

    3. ThrustyPrusty89


      I think we all have nightmares about that season.

    4. Grape


      Guy could not stay healthy. If the US had him in 2010 instead of him being injured they very well could have taken Gold from us.

  6. Aw thanks dude <3. I'm seeing her tomorrow, so I think we'll figure out more information. This is definitely a face to face conversation, but who knows if anything is super wrong. It could totally just be a funk or a rut.
  7. Thanks <3. I honestly thought I wouldn't get this many replies for one simple question, and definitely reading everyone's different perspectives was really interesting. I feel I connected with everyone who replied back
  8. Yup, my worst nightmare came true. Someone knocked on the office door and said that they can hear me singing and that I should probably stop or just hum the songs. Okay so, I'm gonna go bury myself into the ground cause that was really embarrassing. Bye forever

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    2. Apricot


      @thejazz97 Isn't it just amazing man? Its a Broadway show..about Alexander Hamilton, one of the Founding Fathers. Sounds terrible doesn't it? But its just amazing. The soundtrack itself is amazing, and watching the show just blew me away. Listen to the entire soundtrack once, I'm telling you it'll change you. In a good way ^_^


      @Nuxfanabroad LOL! Autograph for being the worst singer in the history of the world. I sure sing a lot for someone who sounds like dying cats :lol:

    3. Nuxfanabroad


      Beauty's in the eye of the beer-holder ;^)

    4. Roger Neilson's Towel

      Roger Neilson's Towel

      @Apricot If they don't like it, screw them! Just be you.

  9. Also, I'd like to thank everybody for all the replies, you are seriously the best! .
  10. Love this!
  11. Played Pokemon Go on my cousins phone yesterday. Walked around for hours. I did not see my mid 20s going this way. But I love it. 

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    2. Apricot


      No no no no no no no no no no no no Shaky why. I hate clowns, I hated that movie. I couldn't sleep for months after watching it. No why you do this to me. 

    3. ShakyWalton


      They are remaking ITT...with a new scary clown...they will have to go along way to beat Tim Curry as Pennywise

    4. Apricot


      I swear movies are all about remakes/reboots now. Its pretty frustrating. No one can beat Tim Curry in anything. The man is the definition of creepy. But good creepy, if that makes sense :lol:.

  12. Edit:Double post
  13. I've felt the same, sucked didn't it hey. Its all about getting better in the end, feels awesome when you wake up in the morning with energy, goals and a smile on your face. Felt awesome for me, and I hope other people have a chance to seek some help and end up having those same feelings <3. I think either she has a lot of stuff going on and its getting worse with her family. Or its just so bad that her family is really messing up with her brain. Sometimes family can REALLY mess someone up tho. I don't think its just family, there has to be something more. I've met her family and they seem like nice normal people. My family always jokes around with everyone, makes jabs and jokes with everyone(including me), its family you know. Its all fun and games. Sometimes she can be over sensitive tho, so I'm not sure what's going on here. Thanks man, that means a lot. To be honest, I had a cousin who went to the ends of the earth to make me feel better. I wouldn't be here writing this topic and these posts if I didn't have her in my life. She's literally the reason I am here, she saved my life. So if there's anything that I can do to make someone feel better, I will do it. I'll drop everything in my life to make sure someone I know( or hell, don't even know), to help them with anything. My friend I don't think is at that point, and hopefully she wont be. But if she is, I'm by her side until she's 10000000000000% better.
  14. I've asked what the purpose of life is, to myself. I came up with a bunch answers. But the purpose of life vs the point of living are two different things to me, I guess. We all have a life, one life and what we do with it is up to us. Whether its living it by reading, or learning new things, or having hobbies or not living by being negative about life, not caring about anything/anyone, not doing anything. She has a life, she just doesn't know whats the point of living it. Am I making any sense at all? I have what I'm trying to say, but can't seem to write it on here. She's the one who actually wanted to get married. Her parents were looking for her a while ago, for arranged marriage. None of that worked out, and she started to date this guy, fell in love and asked for the parents approval and boom they're engaged. They had been dating for about a year and a half before getting engaged. So it has nothing to do with family expectations at all, her being engaged right now was all on her. She's happy about it, and wants to be with him forever. I agree 100% and I told her that no one has the perfect life, not everyone is liked by the entire world. That she can't make everyone happy, and its about making yourself happy not anyone else. I don't think she has realized that yet, or doesn't care and wants to make everyone happy. I told her to just get out of her family's life, don't care for them. She's like I can't do that, its wrong. They're my family and I can't just leave. I'm like staying is not good for your health, and she just said yeah I know. So its like ughhhhhhhhhhhhh what do I dooooooooooooooo.
  15. She had talked to a few of them, and they apologized but still give her attitude, jokes and just non stop jabs. She's just getting frustrated with them a lot, and she doesn't want to waste her time in talking to them again cause its not going to resolve anything. Thats what she said to me. But I don't see how this family problem is the reason for that question, or some other thoughts she could be having. It doesn't make sense.