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  1. Too true been doing this for shoot outs recently n it's worked haha
  2. So struth
  3. Snow? what snow i want snow, Australia is stinking hot!
  4. I'm co-pilot on the bandwagon. :D

  5. driving the ultimate bandwagon

  6. ya those towns eh

    i dunno the football has never really interested me eh

    its too slow

    down here they say rugby union is slow compared to rugby league

    but they r both slow compared to hockey

    miss it eh

    i was wearin a leafs jersey today and some guy at the shops comes up to me with his son n goes leafs eh? im like ya there not my team though, n bla bla bla

  7. kiddin right??? its that hard eh, but im in love with it so i follow it with passion

    n dont get the wrong impression that im aussie or anythin

    im from van just live down here

    u live in the south???

    they talk hockey down there???

    my friends like the sport, but all rugby kids, so ive joined them