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  1. Canucks Memes

    Too true been doing this for shoot outs recently n it's worked haha
  2. Canucks Memes

    So struth
  3. OMG Snow?

    Snow? what snow i want snow, Australia is stinking hot!
  4. I'm co-pilot on the bandwagon. :D

  5. driving the ultimate bandwagon

  6. everyone is just 3rd liners like juraj Kolnik, eric fehr and tomas plekanec

  7. im only playing on the medium level lol, i guess i ll switch it to difficult soon or later, anyways i upgrade the "Legal" to three stars so i can sign players with 30% off their asking price, and the most expensive player i have is kovalchuk at 7.5 mil for 3 years, the twins are set at 1.3 each(default contract) zetterberg is at 2.7, mcdonald is at 0.6, and gaborik is at 2.3, everyone else

  8. i ended up with 30 picks that draft year using that glitch, i drafted 30 rookies but only kept 2 lmfao

  9. its the second year so i signed a whole bunch of free agents like jagr, MA bergeron, sindey crosby, all for as high as they want, i stick em in the minors, then trade them away for whoever i want, and theres also a glitch, go read that topic i created

  10. really? man my dynasty is stacked!! kovalchuk with the twins, zetteberg, andy mcdonald and gaborik as my first two lines, ohlund and havelid as top pairing dmen, Kari Lehtonen and my drafted goalie as goaltenders, all that under the salary of 30mil / 44

  11. lmfao, ur playing the fantasy pool on CDC?

  12. the summer is boring, i usually spend my days watching hockey, and being at friends house watching games, the offseason sucks, i dun likey, hey what time is it in Australia right now?

  13. thing is, imma get the new canucks jersey, because after this season, my mom got really into our team, (mostly because shes infatuated with bobbylu), she said she will buy me the newest jersey no matter what the price, SWEEET, anyways im 16 turning 17 Jan 2nd