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  1. Laughs will never make the playoff with two backup goalie Benrier and Remier
  2. yep NHL is rigged I mean NHL wants the same team to win year after year after year......Boston do not deserve another stanley cup for cheating in the cup finals and pay off the refs........and is controlled by organized crime
  3. PJ stock is pro bruins because he play for the Bruins of course while Don cherry is the opposite.......
  4. Thoronton is a bruins meaning he get immunity from suspension.....there is also Colin campbell and Jeremey Jacobs who will find a way to make sure he get less than 5......
  5. ban vcrguy for trolling a leaf fan

    1. JimLahey


      God you're annoying.

  6. Brendan Gaunce Talk

    another comparsion is Brooks Laich........who is also not a great skater but play all three zones, and leadership skills
  7. Brendan Gaunce Talk

    very similar to ROR, not a great skater, both two way centers, leadership, can score and pass the puck
  8. Bo Horvat Talk

    perhaps our version of adam henrique
  9. Daniel sedin need 2 goals for 300 career goals

  10. Oiler.....what a mess of a team

    1. AppleJack


      Looks like their is a oil spill in edmonton tonight

    2. RunningWild


      Their fans sounded like they were gonna riot tonight.

  11. booo already sad

    1. PlayStation


      How can you be sad after seeing the "Real Russian Rocket"

    2. canuck_trevor16


      I mean boo at MG not Bure

  12. Hunter Shinkaruk Talk

    I say long term he be better than Hodgson both Offensively and Defensively
  13. Valeri Nichushkin vs Bo Horvat

    A few years ago.....people complain we lack NA player now we have Horvat and Shinkark.....and we want a European player who will likely not do anything in playoffs.....
  14. ban penaltykiller please king of the ES

    1. Captain Bob
    2. Warhippy


      I cannot believe I let him get to me

    3. Mr.DirtyDangles


      ^ this place has that effect mang :P

  15. Bo Horvat Talk

    Horvat scores first goal in first game back with the Knights he makes it 2-0 Knights on the PP