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  1. While watching the game I noticed a player with really impressive explosiveness and overall speed. It was Gaunce. The guy is 6 foot 2, 205lbs so you can't really expect speed to be his strength but its definitely not a weakness. I'm not sold on his puck handling skills but his hockey sense is fantastic and has a decent shot. If given the right opportunity I think he can be a very solid 3rd liner. Kinda like Bolland, but not as douchey.
  2. Wow his hands are lightning fast.
  3. 2000-01 NCAA Hobey Baker Award 2004-05 AHL Aldege (Baz) Bastien Memorial Award 2009-10 NHL Vezina Trophy He wins an award every 5 years..... 2014-2015 Vezina Trophy
  4. What happens to Markstrom if we sign Miller? Doesn't he have to clear waivers to play in the A? If so, he would obviously be claimed... Edit: I apologize if this is a dumb question that's been answered many times.
  5. 2 year deal 13.5 million.
  7. I've been contemplating back and forth but I feel like we should just stand pat at #6. Tanev is only 24 years old and is our 2nd best defensive dman. He's on our 1st PK unit for a reason and we shouldn't trade him away (and whoever else) to move up 5 spots in a mediocre draft. At #6 we can draft one of Draisaitl, Dal Colle, Nylander or Ehlers. We are guaranteed one of those players! And we keep Tanev + whatever else Tallon is asking for. If we trade Kesler to the Ducks for Etem + 10th + Sorenson/Perreault then we can draft Virtanen/Fleury/Kapanen/Tuch with the 10th! When its all said and done the Canucks would leave the draft with: (Example) Ehlers + Virtanen + Etem + Sorenson/Perreault. Lineup in 2014-2015: Sedin-Sedin-Kassian Burrows-Santorelli-Jensen Etem-Horvat-Higgins Hansen-Richardson-Matthias * Don't think Shinkaruk will be NHL ready to start the season because of the injury he had this past season but I expect him to rip it up in the A and be called up. Hamhuis - Bieksa Edler - Tanev Garrison - Corrado Stanton Lack Markstom
  8. After the top 5 we have a mix of 4 players I like: Ritchie, Ehlers, Virtanen and Nylander. Fleury will likely go top 10 so it's possible that we can snag two of those 4 players if we can get the 10th overall from the Ducks for Kes. I'd be down with Etem + 10overall + Vatanen/B level prospect/Ana 1st For Kesler + 36th overall (don't think the Ducks do it without our 2nd involved) How I see the draft going down: 1. Ekblad - Florida 2. Reinhart - Buffalo 3. Bennett - Edmonton 4. Ritchie - Calgary 5. Drasaitl - Islanders 6. Dal Colle - Vancouver 7. Ehlers - Carolina 8. Virtanen - Toronto 9. Fleury - Winnipeg 10. Nylander - Canucks After the draft end up with Dal Colle, Nylander, Etem and possibly another late 1st prospect.
  9. Just an observation but while watching Perlini's goals from 2013-2014 it seemed like a lot of them were him just standing at the side of the net tapping them in off a set play, so I checked out his stats and 16 of his 34 goals were pp goals. I know goals are goals and Ovie scored like half of his goals off a one T on the pp.. but just saying Perlini hasn't really wowed me enough to want to take him top 10.
  10. Source? Interesting.
  11. My wish list is someone out of the top 5 falls to us, if not the next 3 I'd be okay with are: 1. Virtanen 2. Ritchie 3. Ehlers
  12. Looking a little closer at Draistl's team stats... Draistl (105pts) next 2 forwards in scoring have 61 and 44 points respectively. Dall Colle's (95 pts) next two forwards in scoring: 87 and 73 (Cassels ) points respectively Ehlers (104 pts) next two: 108 and 80 points respectively. For fun I guess ill throw in Bennett and Reinhart too: Bennett: (91 pts) next two: 70 and 68 points respectively. Reinhart: (105 pts) next two: 98 and 77 points respectively. So based on my in depth analysis.. haha I'd probably take Draistl if Ekblad was taken 1st overall.
  13. I would be ecstatic if we got Draistl. He put up over 100 points despite not really have any big name line mates (like Ehlers has Drouin.) Oh and he's 6'1 209lbs.
  14. I would only trade up to the top 3. Don't see a point in moving up 1-2 spots.
  15. My order is: Ekblad Bennett Reinhart Dal Colle Draistl Ritchie/Ehlers Ehlers put up over a 100 points so he has undeniable talent but he's a bit small....on the flip side Ritchie is a monster at 6 ft 3 230lbs and 126 penalty mins but not as offensively gifted.