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  1. Not an egregious signing. I just want people to stop typing are when they really mean "our." We ARE all Canucks. This is OUR team. Sorry, but it was bugging me.
  2.   This is about as predictable as Kes to Anaheim. My point was the OP could have waited until the "offical" signing is announced rather than being so trigger happy. And in regards to the wine? Maybe the Aqua Men just wanted someone to enjoy it with and Miller happened to be available? OK, I get your point ;-)
  3. Although this may not be far off, I see a gun and you jumping over it. Free agency negotiating window has not opened yet, therefore nobody has signed anywhere. I also see a horse with a cart in front of it.
  4. Here is a post from the Ducks board. They seem to be doing back flips and are stoked Sbisa is gone. They are bummed about Bonino, but elated about not giving up the 10th pick: This is an absolute steal. Giving up none of Rakell, Vatanen, Etem, or the 10th? Kesler's strong desire to play here also indicates a good chance of retaining him beyond contract expiration. Bob, you continue to impress. Not expecting it, but still have the assets to bring in a top-4 defender if the deal is right.
  5. Maybe the 24th will be packaged with a player & #6 for #1? Bonino fits the bill of the bigger, younger forward and Sbisa is a young, big Dman with smooth skating ability & a physical side. They both meet the criteria we are looking to achieve. Overall I am happy with the return.
  6. We are sending Stojanov, Klatt & a late 7th rounder. To me that is about how legit the OPs source is.
  7.   Yeah I just realized that I confused him with Steen. I just got to work and am still trying to wake up. My bad.
  8. The Berglund sign and trade scenario makes a lot of sense. Why would they sign him to an extension right before the draft? Kes not wanting to go to a legit contender does not make sense. The teams he mentioned are all contenders so why not STL? I think Berglund could potentially fit well with the Twins as he is a pure goal scorer. As long as we get some other good compliments in the trade, I am good with it. It would be a heck of a lot better than the return we got for Lulongo.
  9.   Thanks for doing this bud! It looked just like this when I typed it, but unfortunately not once I posted it. I still think it is an interesting and fair proposal if Sharp would be willing to go to NYI. With Tavares, Okposo, Nielsen, Halak and a new arena/city next season, they are going to be a more attractive destination.
  10.     Notice I stated that I am not too sure Sharp would go to NYI. It is a shot in the dark, but you never know as NYI are a young, up and coming team with a now good netminder.
  11. As a young kid in California 24 years ago, I fell in love with this team because of Trevor and Gino. I loved Bure & the rest of the crew on the 93 team, but Gino was it for me. Now I have his authentic jersey from the 94 cup Finals, his tee shirt, tons of his cards and other stuff. This saddens me because he is so damn young. I guess, fortunately this was not brought on from his pugilistic career like so many others before and after him. No matter what happens, the Algonquin Warrior will always be the best enforcer I have seen with Rypper a close second. I hope Gino is able to do the things he wants before it is too late and those around him provide love and support. He will be in my thoughts and prayers for sure.
  12.     It looked different when I typed it, but I think my CPU at work does not like to format words correctly on here. Oh well, I tried.
  13. I thought about something the other day after hearing about the "availability" of P. Sharp in CHI. What if we pulled off a 3-way that goes something like this: To CHI: R. Kesler To NYI: P. Sharp & VAN 1ST in 2015 To VAN: G. Reinhart & the 5th pick in 2014 Then we flip #6, H. Shinkaruk & either Hansen or Tanev to FLA for S. Reinhart & still draft another top 5 player tomorrow night. This would be similar to BB drafting the Twins & give us a #1C & #1-2D for years. This basically turns out to be Kes for G. Reinhart & the NYI #5 which I think is fair considering other reported proposals thus far. Not too sure if Sharp would go to the Isles though. Based on TEAM 1040 and Dregs, it sounds like there may have to be a 3rd team involved to make this happen. Plus, Garth Snow is crazy enough to do something like this.
  14. I would be happy if we somehow draft Draisaitl and then trade down a few picks to land Tuch. This kid is huge and is only going to get bigger and better with time and the right tutelage. 6 is a bit high for Tuch, but he may have more physical upside down the road then both Ritchie and Virtanen. Please do not tell 1SportsLover1 that I said that about Virtanen as I fear his potential backlash.
  15. Red beer is just wrong. Putting more beer in beer is just right!