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  1. [Rumor] VAN Trade in Place for 1st Overall?

    We are sending Stojanov, Klatt & a late 7th rounder. To me that is about how legit the OPs source is.
  2. Draft #6

    I would be happy if we somehow draft Draisaitl and then trade down a few picks to land Tuch. This kid is huge and is only going to get bigger and better with time and the right tutelage. 6 is a bit high for Tuch, but he may have more physical upside down the road then both Ritchie and Virtanen. Please do not tell 1SportsLover1 that I said that about Virtanen as I fear his potential backlash.
  3. ISS/CS Draft Rankings - 2014 NHL Entry Draft

    Red beer is just wrong. Putting more beer in beer is just right!
  4. ISS/CS Draft Rankings - 2014 NHL Entry Draft

    I think it has something to do with the CPU configuration at my office. I am sure I can reply to quotes at home, but I am not on here much there. That makes me sound like a slacker at work. LOL. And yes, a young Gino would be great protection for the twins and would have changed the complexion of the series vs. the B's. Thornton would have avoided him at all costs and Pinocchio Marchand would not have used Dank's head as a speed bag. Ever see anyone mess with Bure? Nope.
  5. ISS/CS Draft Rankings - 2014 NHL Entry Draft

    I love non-verbal communication. Might be the cause of every war EVER.
  6. Draft #6

    Draisaitl for me. At this point anyways. He has skill, size, a nose for the net and shows a physical side when he has to. Ritchie, Virtanen and Dal Colle would be nice too. That said, I am glad the Stars do not draft based on hometown considerations. They would have a bunch of cowboys and oil workers on the ice. Maybe that is the Flames problem?
  7. ISS/CS Draft Rankings - 2014 NHL Entry Draft

    I look like I am talking to myself, but this darn thing will not let me reply to someone's post as a quote for some reason. Oh well. DRAISAITL!!!!
  8. ISS/CS Draft Rankings - 2014 NHL Entry Draft

    Nichushkin has already shown more than Jensen. That was my point. I understand Jensen has not played as much, but there is a reason for that. Jensen will be a good 2nd line winger in the future, but I give it 2-3 more years before Val is putting up 30G, 30+A on the season. He is only 19 and has tons of room to grow. I hope to hell Horvat pans out the way we would like him to, but Val is already making a name for himself here in Dallas and we could have taken him 1 pick later. Thankfully MG is no longer here to trade him before he hits his prime like Cody. That said, I took some time last night to watch video on the prospective top 10 picks in this year's draft and I cannot stop thinking about Draisaitl. Kid looks NHL ready right now and is only going to get better. A few mock drafts have the Oil taking him, but I hope he falls to us. Ritchie reminds me of Kassian and we already have that element. Virtanen looks like he has a lot of offensive upside, but also looks a year or more away. That Tuch kid from U-18 US is going to be a stud as well, but we need offense.
  9. ISS/CS Draft Rankings - 2014 NHL Entry Draft

    Invisible? We complain about not having a winger to play with Kes and this kid immediately fit in with Benn and Seguin on the top line. I live in the Dallas area and have watched him quite a bit. His upside is very high for a kid his age, plus he is big while still putting on weight. 34 points as a rookie is not bad at all. He has Malkin'esque potential and will keep trending that way by playing with two studs.
  10. ISS/CS Draft Rankings - 2014 NHL Entry Draft

    Apparently Burr is a __________
  11. ISS/CS Draft Rankings - 2014 NHL Entry Draft

    I want Nichushkin. Oh wait, that ship has sailed
  12. [Report] Mike Gillis Fired

    Ya think Lou will have anything to Tweet out? After all, was it not Francesco who was at his house when Schneids got traded and the man formerly known as GMMG was pulling the strings on that trade? It seemed the man formerly known as GMMG and Lou did not have a great relationship. I supported him up until we got next to nothing for Schneids and then Lou. Upward and onward.
  13. (Speculation) Change coming today?

    Somethings gotta give. Gino for GM!!! We can bring in McGrattan and Reaves to pair with Sestito on the top line. John Scott and Boris Valabik (he can make a comeback) on D and we are set. We will just beat the hell out of every team's top line. Of course we have to catch them to do that :-)
  14. [GDT] Canucks vs Stars, March 6

    Will be at the game tonight. Look for me behind the Nucks bench in my black 94 Odjick jersey. Unfortunately I will be sitting with my buddy in his puke green Steers jersey, but I am still looking forward to it. I am super bummed to not see Lou, but am happy he is happy. Especially with how GMMG treated him. A franchise player does not deserve that. PERIOD! GO NUCKS!!!
  15. [GDT] VAN vs DAL - 12/19/13 - 5:30PM

    Driving to my buddy's in downtown Dallas for a couple pops after work and then on to watch our boys do what they do. I attended practice yesterday and I loved what I saw in Booth. First on the ice and last to leave. I truly believe we are starting to see the beginning of a breakthrough for him as a player. There will be about 30 local Canadians in our section. I won't call the score because that is not my thing,but I will call my beer intake: Me: 6 Beer: 6 Looks like it will be settled with a "shot"out.