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  1. [Signing] Linden Vey accepts qualifying offer

    Oi Vey
  2. Brown for Green? Or maybe Maroon for Green? What about White for Green? I got it! Former Boston net minder John Blue for Green!!!
  3. Possible 15/16 Roster

    Horvat will be a 2C. His 2-way game is great, but he is not going to put up a ton of points. I see him as a Selke'esque 50-60 point per year player who excels in the Playoffs. If the Twins are playing on the 3rd line, we just need to do the right thing and trade them to DET or another team that covets them.
  4. [Rumour] Canucks in on Vrbata

    I am cool buying low on Vrbata (2-3 yrs @ 3-3.5)and still going after Ericksson on the cheap for someone like Markstrom and a 2nd or 3rd round pick. BOS needs a backup with Johnson being gone and Markstrom could be valuable to them. The main thing is shedding that contract to sign their younger guys. If we are able to trade Hansen for a pick ala Garrison, having Vrbata and Loui could be a luxury. Twins - Ericksson Vrbata - Bonino - Kassian Vey - Horvat/Matthias - Higgins DD - Richardson - Matthias/Sestito
  5. [Signing] Steve Downie w/ Pens

    There is an odd feeling of familiarity amongst some of the new additions. They all seem to have the 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon thing going on where had a previous relationship at one time or another. Case in point: Trev>GMJB Trev>Willie GMJB>Miller Willie>Dorsett
  6. [Signing] Steve Downie w/ Pens

    As much as I like Dorsett, I could not help but think we could have had Downie for less cap and no draft pick. They play similar roles, but Downie has 20+ goal potential on a 3rd line. The concussions must have scared GMs away.
  7. [Signing] Steve Downie w/ Pens

    Dave Molinari ‏@Molinari Penguins sign former Philadelphia RW Steve Downie to one-year, $1 million deal. Tocchet worked well with him in Tampa. Not sure how to link to it, so here you go.
  8. [Signing] Avalanche sign Bruno Gervais

    Is this the male supermodel who resembles Borat?
  9. Canucks close to signing Iginla (report)

    Are you sure you do not mean "singing" to him? I just cannot see him playing for us. I will be stoked if I am wrong though. Maybe the Miller signing and prospect of playing the wing and PP with Twins is swaying him a little?
  10. [signing]Shawn Thornton sign in Florida 2 years AAV $1.2 m

    Thank God we did not sign this douche wagon! We need more enforcers with class like Gino that will take on an entire team rather than cheap shotting someone from behind.
  11. [Signing] VAN signs Ryan Miller

    Not an egregious signing. I just want people to stop typing are when they really mean "our." We ARE all Canucks. This is OUR team. Sorry, but it was bugging me.
  12. [Signing] Panthers sign Dave Bolland

    Not advocating to sign the Rat, but at this point we may only be left with two guys named George Schroeder and Zacharias Dalphin.
  13. [Signing] VAN signs Ryan Miller

      This is about as predictable as Kes to Anaheim. My point was the OP could have waited until the "offical" signing is announced rather than being so trigger happy. And in regards to the wine? Maybe the Aqua Men just wanted someone to enjoy it with and Miller happened to be available? OK, I get your point ;-)
  14. [Signing] VAN signs Ryan Miller

    Although this may not be far off, I see a gun and you jumping over it. Free agency negotiating window has not opened yet, therefore nobody has signed anywhere. I also see a horse with a cart in front of it.
  15. [Speculation] Canucks Open to More Trades?

    With all of the trade activity once GMJB came onboard, it is almost as if the rest of the league GMs are giving a big FU to the artist formerly known as GMMG and rewarding us for getting rid of him. It feels like that trade cloud with everyone but Florida has been lifted. Speaks volumes of how the league looks at Trev and JB and hopefully bodes well for us today and beyond.