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  1. Victoria Royals Thread

    Mags is just on fire 8 goals in 3 games. Could we have back to back CHL player of the week awards?
  2. Ben Hutton Talk

    We're officially the same level as the BCHL or the USHL, this is where you go if you'd rather go the NCAA route, and our teams have made the national championship finals 2 years in a row winning one. Wayne Simmonds, Calvin De Haan, Steve Yzerman, Larry Robinson etc. etc. came from this league,
  3. Ben Hutton Talk

    He's a D, solid aquisition by Nepean at the trade deadline, they went all the way to the national championships. Excitedto see a guy born in my home Brockville draftedby the Nucks.
  4. Hey man! whats up? we haven't talked in ages! :(

  5. Getting Closer - SEP.26.07

    Good job so far. keep it up