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  1. Im hauling donkey, Im in my 6th season, First Season I got to the finals but then lost to the Canes. Then the Second I beat The Rangers in the Finals in Game 7 with a score of 3-2..No joke. Then the next year I shutout The Devils to win my second straight, I got to the WCF in my fourth year but lost to the Blues in 6 Who ended up losing to the Rangers. Then I got my trophy back by beating out The Captials the next year. Yay!
  2. Anyone know how to crate a player? I just want to create myself and see how I do lol
  3. Never thought...And your a genius lol
  4. And how exactly did you land Ovechkin? He doesnt become a free agent until 2016 and Mats Sundin is still in your game lol.
  5. ♣♥♣happy birthday♣♥♣