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  1. Im hauling donkey, Im in my 6th season, First Season I got to the finals but then lost to the Canes. Then the Second I beat The Rangers in the Finals in Game 7 with a score of 3-2..No joke. Then the next year I shutout The Devils to win my second straight, I got to the WCF in my fourth year but lost to the Blues in 6 Who ended up losing to the Rangers. Then I got my trophy back by beating out The Captials the next year. Yay!
  2. Anyone know how to crate a player? I just want to create myself and see how I do lol
  3. Never thought...And your a genius lol
  4. And how exactly did you land Ovechkin? He doesnt become a free agent until 2016 and Mats Sundin is still in your game lol.
  5. I know what yea mean man, Except mines with the Oilers and hell do they piss me off..Two years ina row they tied me for presidents Trophy but I still got it, and my first year they beat me out by 2 points.
  6. Try switching your lines up
  7. I've done four years im on my fifth. Went to the second round first year and lost in Game 6 Went to the WCF in second year and lost in game seven Only had one loss in all of the playoffs in the third year and won Somehow won after three game sevens and then swept the mighty Penguins in Fourth year. I traded up for Tavares...Has 108 points in 136 games or something...Really coming out of his shell...He gets injured often but has like 15 points in the 6 games hes played..hes defnese skills suck so I had him practice on them and it made them raise quite a bit.
  8. ♣♥♣happy birthday♣♥♣

  9. Too bad it's almost all gone now from the rain.
  10. tried it and most of the torretns arent downloading. One worked but it said the fonts weren't loading...
  11. Could you find it for me? Me love you long time!
  12. Nah. I'm too cheap
  13. Anyone know how to get the verison where u can play more then 6 mons?