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  1. StealthNuck

    [GDT] Panthers vs Canucks -- Retribution edition?

    Why is baseball on?
  2. StealthNuck

    Feedback and Bugs

    It's been removed from the app, so the best way to access is from a browser, by going to Highly recommended to add a bookmark or shortcut to your home screen.
  3. StealthNuck

    After Watching Last Nights Game Rant Thread..

    This does belong more in the PGT.
  4. StealthNuck

    What's happened???

    It's the main background screen of your phone. Every mobile browser has a way to add a shortcut to a website on the home screen:
  5. StealthNuck

    What's happened???

    It looks like the forums were removed from the app. Best thing to do is add a bookmark to to your homescreen.
  6. StealthNuck

    Feedback and Bugs

    Like VC said, apparently wifi at the hospital really sucks
  7. StealthNuck

    Feedback and Bugs

    Mobile or desktop? Do you have a screenshot?
  8. Well uh.. Feel free to started a new thread.
  9. StealthNuck

    Injury Report: 2018/19 Canucks

    Yeah, confused is neutral, so no reputation given or taken away.
  10. StealthNuck

    [GDT] Nucks at Leafs 4pm PST Sat Jan 5 2019

    At this point it's a small victory if they don't get scored against.
  11. StealthNuck

    [GDT] Nucks at Leafs 4pm PST Sat Jan 5 2019

    Pro-diver Kadri.
  12. StealthNuck

    [GDT] Nucks at Leafs 4pm PST Sat Jan 5 2019

    Nail fungus. Beer. Too sweet? Nail fungus. Beer. Too sweet?
  13. StealthNuck

    Woman in vegetative state for 14 years gives birth

    No kidding. And yet: I know it's sometimes hard to tell, but jesus someone really dropped the ball there.