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  1. I've adjusted some values so that shouldn't be an issue anymore! Also feel free to try the Canucks V3 theme; it's a little less clumsy with the menus.
  2. Removing the 2-line offside was probably the best decision the NHL made in the last 20 years. Can you image what the game would be like, over-coached as it is, with the offside rule?
  3. That's something you really don't want to speculate about. It's 100% baseless and potentially damaging. If you're going to throw an accusation like that you better be prepared to back it up with much more than nothing.
  4. Laser tag callsign.
  5. Just spitballing, but Toronto probably has a better TV deal as well as much higher revenue from merchandise. Mostly because people can buy a jersey and actually put a name on it. The whole 'we're not going to sign big dps' is going to bite Vancouver in the long run. Mistake after mistake after mistake. They're mired in mediocrity, and throwing good money at middling players.
  6. is nice too.
  7. I guess it's all about setting the right goals. Goal: Ice a competitive team, go for a cup. Failed? MORONS ALL OF YOU. Goal: Last place finish. Accomplished. GENIUS
  8. Bingo. I'm getting really tired of this lazy clickbait crap. Articles like this are 100% drivel. Real journalists would be too embarrassed to attach their names to it. This stuff is targeted at the lowest common denominator and designed to take as little effort as possible to churn out.
  9. Another lazy off-season ranking article. Toronto first, the rest are randomized.
  10. When you post an article like this, please include an excerpt that can be discussed. It's not necessary to post the entire article, but there needs to be enough that members here can discuss it without needing to follow the link. Otherwise it will be seen purely as self-promotion and locked or deleted, especially considering the majority of your posts seem to be self-promotional and link to the same site.
  11. Please use a tag next time you post a thread in Proposals.
  12. I've been thinking about that as well. The biggest question is whether to keep Off-Topic itself as a catch-all, or whether the categories can include everything themselves. Possiblity: News Politics TV and Movies Sports Gaming Creative White Noise (catchall)
  13. It's a little bit hidden; I'll see if I can make it more obvious without being annoying.
  14. Really? Maybe you haven't seen it in a while. It was brutal.