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  1. It still rustles my jimmie that the NHL named a leadership award after him. Such a weird video when you look at it from 2020. A 10 minute video and there's 1 minute of game footage lol.
  2. For anyone who bizarrely still thinks this just an ordinary flu:
  3. Word is the requirements are the same as the previous 10% subsidy. More on Monday though.
  4. Orion is slowly becoming more available here, so there's that. The craft industry in Japan really is coming along nicely - Aooni IPA was my go-to, kinda miss it.
  5. The KHL cancelling is a strong indication of the direction things are headed. No Olympics helps the NHL. However, the horrific response and exponential growth in the US does not help. I think the season and playoffs will be cancelled.
  6. The best BR by far.
  7. Always with the need to be #1.
  8. Closed due to insensitive title. Feel free to try again.
  9. Ok folks, lets not turn this into a Trudeau/Wexit thread (don't break the quarantine).
  10. Note: Tags are mandatory only in the Trades, Rumours, Signings forum and in the Proposals and Armchair GM'ing forum.
  11. I'd add one but they're in short supply.
  12. Don't worry folks, this is the CDC after all, we're total professionals. Nothing could possibli go wrong.
  13. It's called narcissistic personality disorder.
  14. Travelers outside of Canada will be financially supported.