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  1. A...substantial number of users banned here end up on HF. They seem to do well there.
  2. Login/Guest Issues

    Please send me a private message to confirm, and I'll delete it.
  3. Man Bun - hair style

    That stache is the one thing worse than man buns.

    Please don't do this.
  5. CDC Playoff Bracket Challenge

    Your NHL account or your forum account?
  6. babcock looking for a new job in 2018-19 season

  7. [Report] Drew Doughty suspended 1 game

    I don't think it deserves a suspension. If the NHL is setting the bar this low they better be ready to follow through and be consistent with it.
  8. New team logo/logo change

    I love that colour scheme beyond words. I don't care what the logo is, just give me those colours.
  9. CDC Playoff Bracket Challenge

    :D I featured both - we'll have two winners. You can set your name by renaming your bracket: *not sure if that actually sets the name ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  10. CDC Playoff Bracket Challenge

    I will admit I didn't look too hard before posting :D The more the merrier though. I sometimes can't see names either, and my display name is not what it should be...
  11. CDC Playoff Bracket Challenge

    You can find the CDC league here: .Get your picks in quick, because brackets will be locked at 4 p.m. PT on April 11. You will obviously need to be signed in to the challenge website to join. Please try to use the same username there that you use here. If your username is different, please post it here. Currently the winner will receive bragging rights, and a custom username colour and status. Good luck! PS- you can rename your bracket:
  12. 2017-18 GDT Sign-Up Thread

  13. Real good yeah real good he's real good real good.
  14. [TankGDT] Arizona at Buffalo 4PM PST

    This is all we have left.