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  1. It's a bit finicky. Sometimes you need to hit enter break to a new line after pasting the link in. If you just paste the link and hit Submit there's a chance it won't stick.
  2. Yup, don't use the app. It doesn't seem to be able to hand persistent sessions.
  3. You mean the breadcrumb at the top?
  4. Sorry, pushed it back to 5. Fat finger moment.
  5. Ok I gave everyone in this thread a plus so you have to like it now.
  6. Done.
  7. Sorry about that, broken for me as well. No resolution at the moment.
  8. Happy Birthday! Have a good trip!
  9. In light of the new contract, please continue discussion here:
  10. Yeah, weird. Not exactly sure why that would change but checking on it.
  11. On this world, yes.
  12. Please continue discussion in the Prospect thread:
  13. Just a heads up folks, this thread was invaded by another forum. Masateau and a couple other new members will not be posting here anymore.