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  1. sup..dude??

    email me

  2. don't bash naslund.

    you probably weren't even born when he got drafted. unless you know the player, dont make things up.

  3. Burrows? Do We Really Need Him?

    yeah burrows is a bum and should be paid less than 2million a year....
  4. My Hometown - AUG.26.08

    i wont remember you as a great blogger
  5. bash more people please, it makes you look super cool.

  6. hahaha nice try with that last post. NONIS IS GONE. YOU SMELL

  7. lol, you got owned with that post. :) jk. well not really.

  8. i will finish grade 3 once you realize the nhl market isnt so simple.your post was simply retarded

  9. hah yeah burrows, hes clearly the best player on the ice day in and day out.